KIM SEJEONG Releases Her First Full Album "Door"

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KIM SEJEONG makes her long awaited musical comeback with her first full album Door. Throughout the album, KIM SEJEONG shares her untold stories and also reveals a side to her that has been hidden away.

"Working on this album, I took a lot of time looking back on my life, from the first moment I wanted to become a singer to the path I’m currently walking on. This album really contains who I am, what I’ve felt, and which stories I want to tell the world, and I’m really proud of that."

 - KIM SEJEONG on Door

Door will have 11 new songs with lyrics written by KIM SEJEONG who also worked on the composition for nine of the tracks. The pre-release title track “Voyage” (August 30th, 2023) is the open ‘Door’ that leads to the world of mystery. It is an Irish-style pop-rock track with acoustic guitars and fiddles meant to invoke the atmosphere of sailing aboard a ship. The title track “Top or Cliff” is an R&B track that is very vocal heavy. She shows us a sexier and more powerful image compared to the usual warm and innocent side we are used to seeing. The other tracks included on the album ranging from pop, rock and jazz genres are: “If We Do”“Sea of Hope (바라던 바다)”, “Between Summer and Winter (권태기의 노래)”, “Destiny (모르고 그려도 서로를 그리다)”“Jenga”“Indigo Promise”“Send a Letter (편지를 보내요)”“Over The Rainbow (언젠가 무지개를 건너야 할 때)” and “In The Rain (빗소리가 들리면)”.


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