[Review] Dynamicduo Continues Their Nostalgic Journey With the Release of '2 Kids On The Block - Part.2'

Veteran Korean hip hop group Dynamicduo is back with Part 2 of their 10th album, “2 Kids On The Block,” which was released on Aug. 28. The album is their latest release since their full-length album “OFF DUTY” which dropped four years ago.  

The duo consists of rappers Gaeko and Choiza, who are founders of the record label Amoeba Culture. They dropped their first album in 2004, titled "Taxi Driver," and followed with more albums that made them a powerhouse in the Korean hip hop scene. Since their debut, they’ve collaborated with artists like EXO's Chen, Primary, Lena Park, SURAN, OHHYUK, and many more.

You can find them making waves on South Korea's longest-running hip hop competition “Show Me The Money” on Mnet. They were producers on season 6, making the hit song "1/N" and winning runner-up with rapper Nucksal. Gaeko also teamed up with CODE KUNST on season 10 of the show, which resulted in the team placing first with artist Gwangil Jo and second with SINCE.

Dynamicduo’s album "2 Kids On The Block" dives into their past life stories chronologically. Each song is a “nostalgic journey” following them from the beginning of their career to the veteran hip hop duo they are today. Part 1 of the album— released in June— sent readers down memory lane. Part 2 provides sympathy and comfort to listeners with the songs "HUNT (Feat. PSICK UNIV),” "Tear drops,” and "She Gonna Stop"—which was pre-released in September 2022. It captures moments of their life while experiencing love and contemplating life in the public eye from 2004 to 2009.

“HUNT” gives listeners a peak of Choiza and Gaeko’s reality after experiencing and observing the different lifestyles of being a celebrity at the beginning of their career. The track has a soothing beat while the duo reminisces on finding their place in the lifestyle of the rich and famous as their career began to take off.

"Tear drops,” the title track, is quite the opposite as it is more of an upbeat love story, but not the fairytale you may be thinking of. The track goes through the relationship of a bad boy in his late 20s as he’s hungry for success and gets a taste of fame. In the end, his partner's feelings suffered as his life and priorities changed.

As each song of Part 2 dives deeper into Dynamicduo’s journey, I found myself getting lost in the lyrics to learn about the duo’s experiences. The beats are catchy enough to vibe to, but they’re not too overpowering to draw you away from the journey of each track. With the release of each track getting closer to Dynamicduo’s current success in the industry, I’m curious to see what’s in store for Part 3.

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