RIKIMARU Releases First Full Album "CLOWN OR CROWN"



RIKIMARU has released his first full-length album, ‘CLOWN OR CROWN’, along with a music video for its lead track, ‘I am Riki’.

‘I am Riki’ condenses the dark atmosphere that runs throughout the album into one song, and the music video adds elements of suspense and mystery, resulting in a modern fairy tale vibe that is typical of RIKIMARU.

The advance single ‘TALKIN’BOUT’ released on July 27 had the theme of “whispers”, incorporating ears as a motif to represent being unafraid of rumors and hearsay. Now, lead album track ‘I am Riki’ carries a message of not being deceived by your own senses, and the song incorporates eyes as a motif.

The music video for ‘I am Riki’ follows a protagonist who has lost his sight as a result of suffering brain damage in a traffic accident, and who now believes he is a world-famous star named Riki. The video features scenes that are dark and cold, and others that are bright and warm, depicting a story filled with suspense that builds to a shocking climax.

‘I am Riki’ music video:

RIKIMARU selected the concept for the album ‘CLOWN OR CROWN’ himself and was involved in the production of both the music and the video, further refining his abilities for artistic expression. 

Throughout the album, RIKIMARU uses hypothetical stories to examine issues in modern society through a humorous lens. “Who am I? Where am I?” These may seem like simple questions, but behind them lie the complexities and contradictions of human beings. Through these philosophical elements, he leaves room for listeners to enjoy the songs while prompting them to think more deeply.

The album songs all follow this pattern, expressing RIKIMARU’s creative style through bold inspiration and philosophical elements that shine a light on the social topics we should all be thinking about.

The album hits levels of perfection you would never expect from a first try, and you can sense RIKIMARU’s determination to move forward as an artist. RIKIMARU will doubtless continue to create music that opens our eyes.

Listen to "CLOWN OR CROWN"

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