SHINee's KEY releases "Good & Great - The 2nd Mini Album"

SHINee’s KEY has released his second mini album “Good & Great” today. The confident six-track project is a collection of iridescent disco and synth-pop tracks, each showcasing the solo star’s vocal abilities and versatility. Listen here.
Title track ‘Good & Great’ is an instant mood-lifter pop dance track, unfolding around a rhythmic piano and a rubbery bass line. The feel-good lyrics, written by KENZIE, hears KEY projecting confidence in himself and his work: “I’m good, I’m great! I work, get paid, thank god all day, I love it, I’m epic."

'Good & Great' Music Video

“Good & Great – The 2nd Mini Album” follows the completion of KEY’s trilogy of ‘retro’ inspired releases, which spanned his 2021 debut EP “BAD LOVE”, the second album “Gasoline” and its repackaged version “Killer”, which was released last year. 
Despite the conceptual departure, the retro influences are never far from this new mini album. It is most pronounced on the emotionally-charged, retro pop track ‘Can’t Say Goodbye’, a song about the painful feeling of being unable to part with a loved one. It is suitably followed by ‘Intoxicating’, a pulsating pop dance track about an all-consuming physical attraction. 
The English track ‘CoolAs’ mirrors the self-confident energy of ‘Good & Great’, with KEY singing over strutting beats: “No matter what the angle, I’ll be looking great though… ain’t no point in asking what’s the price, ‘cause I’m cool as.”
The more sentimental offerings on the project come through on ‘Live Without You’ and ‘Mirror, Mirror’. The latter – lyrics written by KEY – is about multiple emotions felt when looking at his reflection in the mirror. 
2023 continues to flourish for the trailblazing K-pop group SHINee, who marked their 15th anniversary with the release of their new album, HARD, in June and was accompanied by a special three-night concert in Seoul and a headline performance at KPOP LUX SBS Super Concert in Madrid.

“Good & Great – The 2nd Mini Album” tracklist

  1. Good & Great
  2. Can’t Say Goodbye
  3. Intoxicating 
  4. Live Without You
  5. CoolAs
  6. Mirror, Mirror

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