TWICE "Cheer Up" London with 2-Day Concert at the O2 | Ready to Be D-2 Concert Review


With bursts of confetti, cash guns, and razor sharp moves all topped off with dazzling outfits - TWICE stunned the crowd with their first ever performance in London

The stage revealed the nine gorgeous members as they stepped forward and opened with a powerful dance number surrounded by back up dancers, before smoothly sliding into formation for the first song of the night - and latest title track - "Set me Free". They then followed in a similar vein with their 2020 title track "I Can't Stop Me" before taking a moment to greet their London ONCE's (TWICE fans). The arena was filled with enthused cheers and waving Candybongs (TWICE lightsticks) as the members introduced their tour, with Dahyun explaining that "Ready to Be" meant that they were ready to "show you who we are"

They then resumed the show with "Go Hard", featuring the members dancing silhouettes in front of a white screen, before moving to the large triangular structures that were being wheeled around the stage - climbing and laying on them as they performed their hit song "MORE & MORE". The members then strutted down to the extended stage to perform "Moonlight Sunrise", their second English single, and "Brave" before taking another break. Nayeon stated that she was so impressed with how ONCE's were singing along to "Moonlight Sunrise", that she requested they try singing along to the rap part, with Chaeyoung leading the audience. 

The second segment of the concert began with the members solo stages - starting with Dahyun in a flowing green gown sitting daintily at a white piano, in a tender cover of Colbie Caillat's "Try". The next solo stage was maknae Tzuyu who appeared in an elegant white dress, in a sassy cover of "Done for Me" by Charlie Puth. The mood suddenly switched as Sana appeared in a sheer red shirt, performing Dua Lipa's "New Rules". The energy reached a new high as Momo performed "MOVE" by Beyonce - which originally started as a bold dance cover, before the member showed off her superior abilities and began dancing on a pole. The segment ended with Mina's fierce cover of "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande, stunning fans with her visuals in a sparkly pink top and white boots, as backup dancers shot cash guns all over the stage. 

The live band played an instrumental of "Feel Special" as the girls prepared for the next segment - starting off by finishing the song as a slew of backup dancers joined them on stage, ending with a bright flurry of white. Keeping the same vibe, they moved on to "Cry for Me", before making their way down stage to perform "FANCY", and fan-favourite "The Feels", which was met with great enthusiasm as the crowd sang along. 

Twice, pictured with Pink Pantheress after the show on D-2.

They took another break before resuming the solo stages - starting with Chaeyoung softly singing her self-written song "My Guitar" in a white dress with "I'm So Pretty When I Cry" painted on it. The mood took a wild shift as it moved on to Jihyo, as she performed her newest solo "Killin' Me Good" - complete with the dynamic choreography. The mood suddenly shifted again with Jeongyeon's cover of "Can't Stop the Feeling!" by Justin Timberlake, as she appeared on stage in big glasses and a cute outfit reminiscent of a school uniform. The solo stages ended with Nayeon's "POP!", prompting the audience to move along with the viral point choreography. 

The next segment began with "Queen of Hearts", followed by a medley of all their previous title tracks - taking turns doing Sana's viral "Shy shy shy" during their performance of "Cheer Up". After a short break they returned with a tropical summer vibe as they performed "Alcohol-Free", "Dance the Night Away", and "Talk that Talk" in succession. An interactive segment followed, where fans in the audience were selected at random to appear on the main screen and challenged to dance along to the song that was chosen. 

The girls returned with the tender and hopeful "When We Were Kids", with images of the members as children on the screen, and finishing with "CRAZY STUPID LOVE" as they interacted with fans. The segment ended with an emotional VCR from London ONCE's, stating their love for TWICE as the audience held up banners reading "Always together, TWICE will be ONCE's light"

For the encore, the girls brought out a wheel labelled with various songs, gauging which song seemed the most popular with the audience. They ended up performing their Halloween hit "TT", Japanese single "Hare Hare", and "Espresso". The concert ended with the girls bowing to the audience with their backup dancers, and promising to return one day. 

With their stunning live vocals, sharp dance moves, and gorgeous visuals, it's no wonder that they're one of the biggest acts in K-Pop. London can only hope that TWICE will keep to their promise, and one day return even bigger and better than ever. 

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