ábi Releases Haunting Single 'your ex'

On October 27, singer-songwriter ábi released her new single 'your ex.'

Just in time for spooky season, this eerie track not only encapsulates ábi’s wit and intriguing sound but also draws from a real-life encounter with social media and personal identity.

'your ex' is a cautionary tale—an intrigue-laced track inspired by two names that kept popping up on ábi’s socials. One, a then-boyfriend who took an unprecedented interest in ábi’s page, and the other - his now ex girlfriend, Jane.

Things started to take a poignant turn when ábi witnessed her post-breakup transformation from a sweet girl to a darker, edgier persona. Doesn’t this sound all too familiar?

“I saw a younger version of myself in Jane, in the desperation of wanting to be adored, the 'I’ll do anything for love' mentality,” explains ábi.


The song doesn’t only communicate the “why you creepin’ on me?” message but also delves into the complexities of how far someone can go when they feel invalidated.

'your ex' is more than a sexy, catchy pop anthem. It’s a commentary on the adaptability of women, the pressures of break-ups and reinvention, and the internal struggles of self-worth brought on by toxic relationships. ábi’s perspective weaves seamlessly into the stirring melody, making it not just a song but an experience that resonates on a deeper level.

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ábi is an LA-based dark pop artist, known for her thought-provoking lyrics, dark melodies, and innovative manner of vocal performance. Previously based in Nashville, ábi is ready to take on a new city and capture us with her deeply personal but nuanced tracks.

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