BT21 by BTS Welcomes You to Dotohee Village, MANG’s hometown!

BT21, the globally popular character IP created in collaboration with BTS, has revealed its latest animated series “Hope in Love.” The first episode is now available to watch on BT21’s official YouTube channel. Global UNISTARS, who are always rooting for our UNIVERSTAR BT21, are already showing lots of love.

Earlier this year, we saw MANG’s face behind the mask for the first time from the “INSIDE MANG: THE NEW UNIVERSE” series, featuring j-hope from BTS participating in the overall process of making. 

In the new “Hope in Love” series, also inspired by j-hope’s ideas, the story takes place at MANG's hometown, Dotohee Village, revealed for the first time! The first episode tells the heartwarming story of MANG returning home for a short break. As MANG messages with the BT21 friends on the bus ride home, he reminisces on his childhood memories such as times with his family, and his younger self dreaming and practicing to become the dancing king, who he is now. After a tearful reunion with his family, episode 1 ended with MANG sending a message to the BT21 members, inviting them to visit Dotohee Village. 

The “Hope in Love” series will consist of three animated episodes, presenting global UNISTARS with the new touching story of BT21 members' reunion to once again find their precious friendship and hope at Dotohee Village. The next two episodes will be released exclusively through BT21's official YouTube channel on the 20th and 26th, resp.

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