[Concert Review] Yes ADOY, We are in Love with You. - O2 ACADEMY ISLINGTON 2023

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise 

Ever wonder what being in love feels like? ADOY may not have the answer to such a question themselves but listening to their music is most certainly reminiscent of what love sounds like. On September 25th the four-member synth-based indie pop band performed for the first time ever in London at the O2 Academy in Islington, paradoxically creating a dreamlike atmosphere much like a deja-vu of an affair that never was.

The quartet consisting of Juhwan Oh (vocals/guitar), Zee (synths/vocals), Dayoung Jeong (bass/vocals) and Geunchang Park (drums), following the success of their debut EP “CATNIP” in 2017, has released four EPs ever since, four singles and two full-length albums including their most recent one titled “PLEASURES”, and yes, it does live up to its name. 

ADOY, or Yoda spelled backwards for close friends and family members, did not rest on sweeping the Korean indie sales chart and touring the US and Asia with numerous sold-out shows in the latter. Instead, they decided to embark on a short and sweet Europe tour including three cities; Hamburg, Paris, and, of course, London. 

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

So here we are. On a sunny afternoon (that should have been dark and gloomy instead to match the nostalgic and romantic vibe of the band), the crowd started lining up as early as possible resulting in a venue fully packed with - but not limited to - k-indie die-hard enthusiasts. And that’s when it hits you; no matter your surroundings, that lingering feeling of the occasional and unexplained sadness is still there. And there’s no better soundtrack - or cure, might I add - than that of ADOY’s subtle and comforting music that ranges from honey gooey cheerful songs to bittersweet unrequited love anthems.

The show hit every fan’s spot with atmospheric lighting, crystal clear and dreamy vocals and an extremely nostalgic 80s sound. The band played a medley of pretty much all of their hit songs, including 'Wonder', 'Bike', 'Grace and Model' and my personal favourite 'Laika'. The crowd not only sang the lyrics word for word during every single song but they also seemed to be swept away into a different realm, one created by ADOY, a group whose music encapsulates in a magical way the essence of what love feels like while creating an imagery to go along with it. 

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise 

As the night progressed the band did not only move the audience with heartfelt hits such as 'In Lovefrom their most recent album, but also lifted up the mood with the ever so thrilling synth-based song 'San Francisco'. However, what made this particular indie gig stand out was definitely the band-audience connection. During the show, Juhwan made sure to engage with the fans who just couldn’t get enough of Zee’s and Geunchang’s skills and Dayoung’s magnetic energy. It was however when Juhwan went all the way over to the barricade to hype up the crowd, that really sealed the deal and made it a truly magical night.

ADOY left more than just an impression in London and one thing’s for sure; it was just not enough. Whether you’re a couple hopelessly in love or a hopeless romantic searching for music to listen to for your Wong Kar Wai-esque daydreams, ADOY’s got you. Those who get it, get it and those who don’t, don’t. 

Review by Thalia Pechlivani

Photography by Charis Bagioki


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