[Photo Gallery] DREAMCATCHER "Apocalypse: From Us" Tour in Toronto and Orlando

Dreamcatcher began the US and Canada leg of their "Apocalypse: From Us" world tour. The ladies stopped by Toronto on September 5, 2023, for the concert held at the Meridian Hall

JiU's vocals soared through the venue, filling every corner with their powerful resonance. SuA's dancing flowed effortlessly, each movement offering intensity and attitude. Siyeon's voice, both delicate and powerful, filled the venue with a wave of emotion, evoking a sense of longing and passion that resonated with the audience.

Handong captivated the audience with her graceful movements and captivating stage presence. Dami's dynamic rap verses energized the crowd, her words cutting through the music with a sense of urgency and intensity. Yoohyeon's angelic vocals mesmerized the crowd, their hearts touched by the purity and emotion in her voice. Gahyeon's energetic dance moves captivated the audience, everyone's spirits lifted by her vibrant stage presence.

Dreamcatcher's concert in Toronto was a night to remember, and our photo gallery captures the captivating moments of the evening. 


Photography by Jesse Huyuh @xxoczukxx 

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher finished the US portion of their tour by bringing the heat in Orlando, FL on September 13. Check out the photo gallery below! 

DREAMCATCHER in Orlando (and Insomnias)

Photography by Joannie Betancourt @adventures_jojo

On October 21, a mysterious video was uploaded on Dreamcatcher's sns pages and reposted from an unknown Twitter account @ymenehcra99. In the video there are odd text messages that says "aim caorwn" and the number "66666683." Could this indicate a comeback in the near future? 

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