Jongwoo, Jay Chang, Seongmin, Yedam, and Tag to Debut in Upcoming Group ONE PACT

Jongwoo, Seongmin, Yedam, Tag, and Jay Chang from Boys Planet, were selected as the new boy group ONE PACT.
The agency Armada ENT recently released ONE PACT members sequentially through its official channel. The five members revealed are Jongwoo, Seongmin, Yedam, Tag and most recently announced Jay Chang after the release of his first solo mini album on the 17th. The members are known for participating in various popular survival shows and are receiving a lot of attention.

Even before their official debut, they were recognized early on for their skills by showing off their gorgeous visuals and stable dancing, vocals, and rap skills through program appearances and group debuts.

Armada plans for the group to participate in performances, fan meetings, and festivals, and to continue to present projects that will lead performances around the world. The ambition is to leave an impression on the public by launching ONE PACT, a compound word of 'one' and 'impact' in 2023, which means 'come together as one and create a big impact'.

Meanwhile, ONEPACT is scheduled to perform '2023 ONE PACT FANCON TOUR, THE PACT', a pre-debut tour, in Thailand and Japan in November.

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