JUST B Releases 4th Mini Album ÷(NANUGI) with Title Track Medusa Music Video

JUST B (Lim Jimin, Geonu, Bain, JM, DY, and Sangwoo) released their fourth mini album "÷ (NANUGI)" through various online music sites at 6 PM on the on October 9.

"÷ (NANUGI)" is an album that contains the new voice of 'K-POP Unlimiter' JUST B towards the world. This time, the concept of Ecoverse (ECO+Universe) is expressed with a division symbol, encompassing the consensus of all generations around the world.

The title song 'MEDUSA' is a song of the highly addictive punk rock genre, and expresses the Earth's environment, which is becoming increasingly desolate, by comparing it to the mythological character Medusa. The promise to protect the Earth by returning it to its original beauty and the message of sharing and action that are essential for this were realized through high-quality music and performance. JUST B's unique rock vocals complete the overwhelming atmosphere.

The music video for 'MEDUSA' was filmed on location in LA, USA, the same spot as the previous title song 'ME= (I am)'. The 'MEDUSA' performance with the dance crew We Dem Boyz is also a point of appreciation. JUST B is expected to present an eye-catching stage with bold and sharp movements and gesture points.

JUST B’s growth can be deeply felt musically as well. DY produced 'Camilla' and Youth', while Bain produced 'Coming Home', while Geonu and Sangwoo also participated in writing the lyrics, making the team color more distinct as the 'K-POP Unlimiter.'

JUST B has begun to design their own unique musical color. The Ecoverse, portrayed in JUST B's unique style, is expected to resonate with many global music fans and encourage sharing and action.

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