K-Pop Artists Who Are Also Teachers: A Balancing Act of Passion and Purpose

Ciera Reeves

The K-Pop industry is renowned for its grueling training regimens, relentless promotional activities, and demanding schedules. However, amidst the glittering world of entertainment, there are some K-Pop artists who have successfully ventured into the realm of education, proving that their passion for knowledge and their commitment to their fans go hand in hand. These multi-talented individuals not only excel as entertainers but also excel in the role of educators, sharing their expertise and skills with others.

Motivations Behind Becoming Teachers

The decision to become teachers while maintaining a career as K-Pop artists can be driven by various motivations. Some artists are inspired by a profound desire to give back to their communities, serving as role models and encouraging others to pursue their dreams. For these artists, teaching becomes a way to impart their knowledge and inspire the next generation.

Other K-Pop artists who take on teaching roles may see it as an opportunity to connect with their fans on a deeper level. By teaching, they can share their love for music and their own personal journeys, fostering a stronger bond with their students who also love music.

Moreover, there are those who are simply drawn to the challenge of teaching, finding fulfillment in helping others learn and grow. These artists use their unique experiences and expertise gained from the competitive K-Pop industry to shape the talents of future generations.

K-Pop Artists and Teachers:

Solji (EXID): A former vocal trainer who initially trained the members of EXID before joining the group herself, Solji's experience in the industry has taken her to Yongin Arts and Science University, where she became a professor in the Department of Practical Music and Vocals in 2022. Her teaching prowess was further showcased as a mentor on popular reality shows like "Boys Planet" and "Under Nineteen." EXID recently made a surprise performance of their hit songs in Manila. 

Changmin (2AM): Known for his exceptional vocal talents and successful career as a musical actor, Changmin took on the role of a professor at Sohae University in 2015, specializing in Applied Music Education. His students benefit from his wealth of experience in the music industry. 2AM will appear on the popular YouTube program "Killing Voice" on October 10.

Shin Yeon Ah (Big Mama)
: As a member of the esteemed vocal group Big Mama, which made their debut in 2003, Shin Yeon Ah is now a professor and even holds the position of dean at Howon University. Notably, her university has had students from the like of members from Wanna One, BTOB, VIXX, and 2PM. Professor Shin also formed the girl group Azer, comprising Howon University students, because she felt that anyone deserved the chance to pursue the idol industry despite age.

Sunye (Wonder Girls / MAMADOL)
: The former leader of the Wonder Girls and most recently a member of MAMADOL, Sunye has embraced her role as a special professor at Gangseo University since 2023. While lecturing, she continues to actively release music and dazzle audiences with her performances in musicals, demonstrating the possibility of successfully balancing academia and artistry.

: The youngest on this list, with a background in classical music education, specializing in the violin, Zhang Hao graduated from the prestigious Beijing Institute of Physical Culture. He obtained a teaching certification in music science education before embarking on his journey as a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment in Korea. Notably, through placing first in “Boys Planet” he became part of the group ZEROBASEONE, which will release second mini-album, "Melting Point," set to be released on November 6. Imagine him as your music teacher! 

These K-Pop artists are shining examples of individuals who have successfully blended their passion for music with a dedication to education. Through their roles as teachers, they continue to inspire and shape the next generation of artists, leaving a lasting impact on both their students and fans alike. Their stories serve as a testament to the power of pursuing one's passions while giving back to the community, ultimately enriching the world with their talents and knowledge.

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