[Photo Gallery] "JUNEtober" in Atlanta

Cheyenne Chong
Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong // KpopWise

Solo Korean R&B artist, June, took his talent to Atlanta, showcasing his unique and relaxed style. While his work with BTS, Suran, and other artists are wonderful contributions to the industry, he truly shines bringing his own style to the stage.

His love for his fans is obvious as he interacts with the crowd between songs and grooved along with them for songs like 'Gas Station,' and his most recent release, 'Day N Night.'

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong // KpopWise

His soulful performance had fans mesmerized for the two-hour set with a range of songs best for dancing, singing along, or just moving with the music and his vocals. Our team at KpopWise had the opportunity to interview June prior to the tour, learn more here

See June on his final U.S. tour stops in Dallas and San Antonio. 

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