[PHOTO GALLERY] TAN at the 2023 Dallas Korean Festival

TAN's live performance was the perfect way to showcase Korean idol culture and to bring people together.

K-pop group TAN performed at the Dallas Korean Festival on the night of October 7, 2023. The crowd enjoyed a variety of cover group dances and traditional performances up until TAN, the pinnacle of the lineup, took the stage. The group performed a selection of their songs, including "DU DU DU" and "HEARTBEAT."

TAN, which stands for "To All Nations", is a seven-member boy group that debuted on March 10, 2022 after their lineup was announced during the finale of "Wild Idol" in December of the previous year. The group is known for their synergy, experience in the industry and raw talent. Their performance at the Dallas Korean Festival had the crowd dancing and singing to every song and buzzing with excitement.

TAN's performance was the highlight of 2023's Dallas Korean Festival. The group's high-energy performance and unforgettable songs created the perfect festive atmosphere to complete the night - 

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