[Review] RIIZE Shines In New Single ‘Talk Saxy’

Ja'Nasia Whitfield


released their follow-up song 'Talk Saxy' today along with a music video. 

First, I want to get into the song itself. From the intro alone I knew my experience with 'Talk Saxy' would be fun. The lyric are not only flirty but playful. They made the song enjoyable with sounds like "Ra-pa-pa-pa". It's not an SM entertainment song without a catchy signature. The bridge and outro really stood out to me. I really loved the bridge which is usually my favorite part of a song. RIIZE really wowed me during this part. I found myself repeating it multiple times. The outro is so catchy as they constantly repeated the phrase "talk saxy". It's a hit!

Now on to the music video

From the outfits, visuals, and overall aesthetics I loved it all. I like the scenes with the simple background of the song title. It reminded me of a 90s music video. The simplicity of those scenes allowed their dancing and visuals to fully be the staple pieces. All of the sets shown were cool. I like to really take in all of the effort into mv creating down to the coloring. So, I loved the mv just as much as the song.

Overall, Talk Saxy by RIIZE is such a fun song that you should listen to if you have not yet. Also watch the music video and just enjoy the talented group.

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