[Review] Seventeen Offer a Festival Fantasy with New Album "Seventeenth Heaven"

Photo Courtsey of Pledis Entertainment

Seventeen has returned with three bright and exciting concepts with their 11th mini album Seventeenth Heaven. The lead-up to the release saw the album feature three festival concepts and promotions including the return of the beloved Seventeen Street. The event allowed Carats to source out album hints accompanied by Woozi’s room a place to listen to small sample tracks from the album. 

The wait to hear the tracks was finally over after the album's release on 23rd October at 6 pm KST saw the album released alongside the main track music video “God Of Music.” The video itself is an explosion of color, positivity, and an encouraging anthem. The premise message is an uplifting one with the pre-chorus singing out:

“What is our happiness

Don’t fret, let’s just dance and sing

This is our happiness

One morе time, hey

Music is our breath

No dangеr here, keep taking it in

Everybody, let’s listen up”


Visually following the festival theme which was showcased within the concept photos, it fits perfectly alongside the track. Each member has their moment to shine, with a fun choreography group number involving numerous extras. It may be approaching winter but the video screams summer fun. 

The highlight track medley gave a diverse and varied range of musical albums of what the album could sound like. Taking a different route and hot off the success that was ‘FML’ each track explores various genres. Kickstarting the eight-track album with “SOS (prod. Marshmello)” has a catchy hook. 

The hip-hop team (S.Coups, Vernon, Mingyu, and Wonwoo) have the standout moment with the track “Monster.” A high-energy track that hooks the listener in from the start with the melodic cries of monster, accompanied by high-pitched screams. The album then transitions into a peaceful path that breaks up the album with the track “Yawn” transitioning into “Headliner.” “Headliner” sets out to entice as a slow beautifully sung ballad, not only is the pace perfect but showcases just how powerful the vocal line is. Dokyeom and Seungkwan in particular dominate with their strong and captivating vocals.

Photo Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment

Allowing these tracks side by side highlights just how diverse and talented the 13 members are not only as units but as a solidified group. Their vocals all work in tandem, blending seamlessly, yet each member has the ability to stand out and contribute to strong songs that all have their own unique moment. 

As a whole the concept is a fun approach to a comeback, the album is a well-curated festival lineup, offering everything you would want from a festival. Seventeenth Heaven is available in three versions online and in-store.

What did you think of the new album, are you ready to attend the festival? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow KpopWise for all the latest on your favorite idols!

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