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EVNNE is a seven-member South Korean boy group managed by Jellyfish Entertainment. The members include KEITA, PARK HANBIN, LEE JEONGHYEON, YOO SEUNGEON, JI YUNSEO, MUN JUNGHYUN, and PARK JIHOO, all of whom have already been recognized for their talents through the popular K-Pop Survival program, BOYS PLANET.

The group name EVNNE, which stands for “Evening’s Newest Étoiles,” holds the members’ wishes to shine higher and brighter than anybody else and to have all eyes on them. 

EVNNE has made their debut with their first mini-album, [Target: ME]. on September 19. With this release, the members showcase their various contrasting sides, including one that is ambitious and wild while the other is more relatable and boyish. By showing off their different charms, they aim to become the “target” of everyone’s attention. 

'Trouble' MV

As EVNNE dove full force into activities of their debut, they took time out of their busy schedule to chat with media about their music and how they feel about debuting. 

Although the members got a chance to get to know each other pretty well through their time on Boys Planet by living and training together, things can change dramatically when taken outside of the competition environment. Now that they are a group working together, they are around each other more often. KW was curious to know if there are new things that the EVNNE members discovered about each other. 

KW: Since debuting, have you learned anything new about the member sitting next to you?

JIHOO: Compared to how he was on BOYS PLANET, KEITA sleeps a lot and he channels all that energy into his stage performances.

MUN JUNGHYUN: SEUNGEON sang a lot on the show BOYS PLANET, but I’ve learned that he sings restlessly on a daily basis. His vocal cords must be very strong.

YUNSEO: When I first met JEONGHYEON on BOYS PLANET, I thought he was very reserved and somewhat intimidating. However, now that we’ve made our debut together, I find him somewhat cute and very down-to-earth.

HANBIN: JIHOO is the youngest member on our team, and he appeared very youthful on screen during BOYS PLANET. Now, it seems like he has adjusted to being part of the team and has also made some personal growth. 

SEUNGEON: (To JIHOO) Yes, I’m so proud of you!

KEITA: On BOYS PLANET, HANBIN was an excellent leader with strong leadership skills. Now that I’m the leader of the team, he provides me with valuable support, and I truly appreciate it.

Fashion is a vital aspect of K-pop, shaping the identities of idols and groups, serving as a form of self-expression, and connecting fans with their favorite artists. In terms of individual style,  some idols have very keen fashion sense. KW wanted to know if there is anyone like that in EVNNE. 

KW: If you could choose one member to be your stylist for a week, which member would that be?


JIHOO: Yes, me!

YUNSEO: Yes, you!

JIHOO: But why did you choose me?

MUN JUNGHYUN: JIHOO has a great sense of style and always dresses well, putting thought into his appearance. I believe he would make an excellent stylist.

HANBIN: Also, JIHOO has a lot of interest in fashion. It is not even autumn yet, and he is already looking into winter clothes and how to style them. I can tell that he is really passionate about fashion.

We look forward to seeing more of EVNNE's synergy, exciting music and activities in the future. Keep following KpopWise for more news about EVNNE! 

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A special thanks to EVNNE, Jellyfish Entertainment and Helix Publicity for the meeting. 

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