Sent Into Space Partners with SEVENTEEN to Send a Microphone to Space

Photo Credit: Sent Into Space

Sent Into Space partnered up with K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN for their recent music video, 음악의 신' (God of Music),” by sending a microphone into space. Working with Korean production company SL8, who originally pitched the idea, they were sent over a disco-ball-inspired microphone to be launched into space for the shot. 

After receiving the mic, the engineering team at Sent Into Space began designing a custom spacecraft that would take it to space. They focused on building something that would be safe and secure but would also help deliver an attractive shot for the music video. Using discreet carbon fiber rods to attach it, they were able to position the mic perfectly and securely. With the design finalized, the team was able to quickly build the craft in just three days to get it ready in time for the launch and to retrieve the footage.

On launch day (October 10th, 2023) at one of their specialist launch sites in Derbyshire, UK, the spacecraft was attached to a high-altitude balloon filled with hydrogen gas. The microphone ascended to over 113,000 feet and was in the air for over two hours. After the footage was gathered that same day, the team was able to edit the scene to be used successfully and seen from the 3:15-3:19 mark of the music video, where the mic can be seen floating in space. 


Sent Into Space is the world's leading provider of commercial Near Space launches. Founded in Sheffield in 2011, Sent Into Space has conducted over 1000 flights to the upper stratosphere, combining cutting-edge aerospace engineering with video production and marketing expertise to create incredible campaigns.

Sent Into Space’s work includes global marketing stunts, space cinematography for documentary and cinema, scientific and aerospace research, development, educational projects, and even ash scattering memorial services. Licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and with full public liability insurance, they are unrivaled in their launch record.


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