Seo Soojin to Make Solo Singer Debut this Year After Hiatus

Ciera Reeves

Seo Soojin, a former member of (G)I-DLE, has signed with BRD Communications and will make her solo debut.

According news coverage by TV Spot on October 16, Seo Soojin is preparing for her solo singer debut this fall.

Seo Soojin is resuming her activities about 2 years and 8 months after she suspended her entertainment activities due to suspicions that she had committed school violence. In particular, she opened her personal SNS last July and began communicating with her fans by informing her of her current status, and she is carefully preparing to work as a solo singer.

She was suspected of being a perpetrator of school violence in early 2021 when Ms. A's younger sister, wrote in an online community. In addition to Ms. A, there was continued testimony that the suspicion was true, and the controversy grew as actress Seo Shin-ae, who was her classmate, also directly claimed that she had been a victim of school violence by Soojin.

Afterwards, Soojin left (G)I-DLE and also left her agency, Cube Entertainment. After Seo Soojin's withdrawal, (G)I-DLE reorganized into a five-member group and stood tall as a girl group that gained unrivaled popularity with 'Tomboy', 'Nude', and 'Queen Card'.

Seo Soojin filed a criminal complaint against Ms. A and others to the police, but the police closed the case with no charges in March. The decision not to send the claim to the prosecution was made on the grounds that the claim may be true from Ms. A's perspective and that there was no intention to make it false.

Afterwards, she said through his legal representative, "When I was in middle school, I was very interested in singing and dancing, but I was not devoted to my studies. In the process, I was involved in a school violence incident, but I was never disciplined. Of course, that doesn't mean I was disciplined. “I cannot disprove that there is no fact of school violence, but if I had committed acts such as assault, verbal abuse, and extortion that are difficult to believe that a middle school student has committed any acts such as assault, verbal abuse, or extortion, I would have been disciplined,” she said, pleading that there was no fact of school violence.

However, she said, "Regardless of the truth or truth of the facts claimed by the exposer, I am very aware that the exposer has suffered emotional wounds, and I understand that everyone who was emotionally hurt by my words and actions in middle school, as well as the fans who cared for me, will feel disappointed. “I offer my sincere apologies to you all.”

Meanwhile over time, there were school alumni who attempted to debunk the accusations and false evidence in Soojin's defense. 

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