SHINee's Taemin Teases an Action Packed Trailer for Upcoming Fourth Mini Album '"Guilty"


Photo Courtesy of SM Entertainment

SHINee's vocal member Lee Taemin released the trailer for his upcoming mini album "Guilty" The teaser was released 24th of October at 6 pm KST and showcased an intense action-filled 2 minute. Demonstrating an array of fast-paced scenes, and ranging in emotion the teaser is reminiscent more of a cinematic feel with emotionally driven scenes.

The upcoming mini-album set for release on October 30 at 6 pm KST, will have a tracklist of six songs including the main title track “Guilty.”

In a statement, SM Entertainment told fans “To expect to be captivated with a variety of charms, messages, and vocal prowess throughout the album. “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” is another hip-hop song with quintessential guitar riffs paired with a vintage synthesizer sound, creating a lonely and somber atmosphere to match the lyrics: the end of one’s love being compared to withering petals. 'Blue' is a hopeful song that combines vintage drum sounds with an equally emotional backing track and instrumental, accompanied by Taemin’s graceful but resolute vocals; the song talks about longing for freedom and dreams. Taemin has generated a lot of buzz upon the release of ‘Guilty’s first teaser images, highlighting his natural visuals in conjunction with a fever dream-like atmosphere.”

‘Guilty’ will be Taemin’s fourth mini album since his military discharge in April 2023. The new release also comes two years after his acclaimed ep Advice.’ Since discharge, the singer has been busy promoting the 15th-anniversary comeback with SHINee. The group who stunned with their latest album ‘Hard’ went on to land them a number two spot on the Circle album chart. Following the 15th anniversary, the group will have their very own documentary premiere in November. The film titled ‘My Shinee World’ documentary sets out to show fans never-before-seen content from the band and outline their 15-year career journey to date.

The album photobook comes in various versions: Guilty, Rizz, Digipack, Smini, and Archive Box. Each version showcases a unique concept featured in the trailer. Are you excited for Taemin's comeback?

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