Sunmi Releases Tracklist for October Comeback "Stranger"


Iconic soloist Sunmi is set to finally come back this October with her new digital single "Stranger"!

It has been over a year since the artists last release "Heart Burn", which made a fitting addition to the summer of 2022. However, her upcoming comeback is shown to take on a darker concept, with images of creepy houses and spooky styling. 

"Stranger" is set to release on October 17th at 6pm KST, and will be a digital single comprised of three tracks; "Calm Myself" // "Stranger" (Title) // "Call My Name".

All three tracks were composed and written by Sunmi, with the artist also taking part in the arrangement of the title track "Stranger". The rest of the promotional schedule was released, anticipating concept photos and teasers, as well as two short films coming on the 10th and 12th of October. Listed is also a fan showcase which will occur on the day of the album release, two hours later at 8pm KST

Sunmi is no stranger to darker concepts, as seen in songs such as "Noir" or "Tail". Which leaves fans wondering - what could "Stranger" hold in store? 

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