VIXX to Have Comeback with a New Dance Song in November

Ciera Reeves


According to Edaily 11-year veteran group VIXX will release new music this November. 

They plan to present a dance genre song that incorporates the team's unique music color as their comeback song. It is reported that music broadcast activities are also planned.

VIXX is a team launched by Jellyfish Entertainment in 2012. They rose to popularity with songs like 'SUPER HERO', 'Ready to get hurt', 'hyde,' 'Voodoo Doll', 'Error', 'Shangri La' and increased their notability with hit songs such as 'Chained Up’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Shangri La', and ‘Scentist.’ VIXX has shown off his diverse charms by performing various concepts such as vampires, cyborgs, cursed dolls, and flower spirits earning the nickname "concept-dol." 

VIXX celebrated its 10th debut anniversary last year and entered the long-running idol world. To commemorate this, the medium-tempo R&B track 'Gonna Be Alright', a song commemorating the 10th anniversary, was released in January. VIXX's song commemorating their 10th anniversary ranked in the top 10 on iTunes charts in 13 countries around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia, showing its continued potential. Afterwards, they held fan concerts in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. to share memories with fans.

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