AMPERS&ONE Debuts with 1st Single Album "AMPERSAND ONE"

 Photo Cr. FNC Entertainment 

On November 15, FNC Entertainment's new boy group AMPERS&ONE (Kamden, Brian, Jiho, Siyun, Mackiah, Kyrell, and Seungmo) debuted with their 1st Single Album "AMPERSAND ONE" along with the release of the music video for the title track 'On And On.' 

The single album is their starting point and their first step. The album, which has the same name as their group name, is about AMPERS&ONE that each one gathers together and becomes a team, based on the campus life theme.

'On And On' is described as a pop-dance song with groovy-based riff and attractive synth sound. AMPERS&ONE is no more afraid on anything as they are fully prepared to march forward. Sometimes, they might struggle, but they won’t give up their dreams and will continue to move forward.

'On And On' Music Video


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