Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter MEMI returns with new single ‘NY(f)C’

Internet guitar sensation and Korean singer-songwriter MEMI returns with a new single release ‘NY(f)C’, a track inspired by her time in New York earlier this year.

MEMI is a singer-songwriter based in Seoul, South Korea, who is known for her previous single releases such as ‘Guitar Pick’ and ‘Thin Lips Club’, as well as her role as guitarist on Korean indie rock band 24HOURS

Her new single, ‘NY(f)C’ was inspired by her recent trip to New York City, where it rained heavily almost everyday. Feeling annoyed by the weather, but at the same time in awe of NYC, MEMI decided to write this track to convey her feelings and experiences while traveling in New York. In ‘NY(f)C’, MEMI showcases her guitar skills and leaves her singing to a minimum as compared to her previous tracks, pointing to her roots as an experienced guitarist that many of her followers know her for. 

With over 350,000 followers on Instagram and over 370,000 followers on TikTok, MEMI has captured the attention of many fans and audiences across the world this year through her guitar content on social media, gaining attention from some of the biggest acts in the world such as Fred Durst and Phoenix, who have all previously engaged with her content. 

Since 2022, MEMI has released a series of singles as a solo artist, and she is anticipated to release her first solo EP later this year.

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