[Interview] SUPERKIND on Movie Roles and Creating Group Unity


In an eventful year for the group SUPERKIND, which had a second comeback this year with the "Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70%" on October 18, seven months after their second digital single album "PlaySuperkind : Player Gauge 200." They have embarked on a new adventure. 

KpopWise reunited with the PRID members of SUPERKIND at a media roundtable to ask them more about the concert and their connection to each other.

Previously we discussed that the chemistry between the members. Now that the seven members have come together for this album, we wonder how SUPERKIND are able to get along as one team. Daemon gave his response showing his charisma as a team leader.


KW: How do you maintain a sense of unity within the group when you have such a unique combination of members? 

DAEMON: As the leader of the group, I can say that our members are very unique and each has great abilities. The main thing is that we are not trying to synchronize perfectly but we are trying to bring out the chemistry and harmony. We respect their own abilities and try to improve as a team and try to express it better. We are not only focused on synchronizing but we are also trying to cooperate and make a good result as a team.

The title track, "Beam me up (2Dx3D)," blends acoustic and digital elements to create a multidimensional sound. It combines two songs from the album, "Beam me up (3D)" and "Speed (2D)." "Speed (2D)" draws inspiration from the anime Cowboy Bebop, creating a classic anime opening sound and representing the 2D aspect of the album with Japanese lyrics. On the other hand, "Beam me up (3D)" reinterprets the movie Men in Black, symbolizing the 3D aspect of the album. 

In the music video, the 5 PRID members Daemon, Geon, Eugene, SiO, and JDV are shown as outlaws on the run while the NUKE members Saejin and Seung are pursuing them. It delves into intriguing parallels with intergalactic fugitives, infusing elements of humor into its thematic essence much like the films it's inspired by. This prompts curiosity about the band members and the roles they might envision themselves playing in a cinematic setting.

KW: If you could play the role of a character in an animation or movie, who would it be and why?

SIO: I've watched many movies featuring secret agents on missions before. This album incorporates the concept of Men In Black, where we wear black suits just like secret agents. If the opportunity arises in the future, I would be eager to portray a secret agent character tasked with a crucial mission and hidden powers, much like the ones I've seen in movies.

SUPERKIND are actively performing their songs. Check out 'Beam me Up (2Dx3D)' performance version on Music Core

Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70% Album on Spotify & Apple Music


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Thank you to SUPERKIND, DEEPSTUDIO, and Helix Publicity for the invitation. 

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