Juju B. Goode Releases Full Album "Smile You're On Camera"

Photo Cr. Ashley Chang // Juju B. Goode 

LA-based Korean singer, songwriter, and producer Juju B. Goode has released his highly anticipated debut studio album, Smile! You're On Camera. The collection, featuring 10 original tracks all composed and produced by Juju B. Goode, provides a distinctive indie perspective on K-Pop. Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of genres, including Disco, K-Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Reggae, each of the 10 songs exhibits a colorful sonic experience and challenges expectation. 

Conceived in his NYC bedroom with a handful of demos, Juju relocated to Los Angeles in 2021 to collaborate with producer/bassist Pablo Garcia-Quesada at Electric Dog Music in Hawthorne, CA, and producer Sherman Xu (aka Sake by the Water) from San Diego to bring this project to the finish line. Over 1.5 years, the song evolved from a lo-fi loop to a unique record with dynamic arrangement with intricate musical structures and beat changes.

Juju's poignant lyrics navigate the complexities of metropolitan life. Side A narrates an ordinary everyman's mid-20s/30s crisis ("Mr. Lee"), addressing burnout (1%), screen fatigue ("Ending Fairy"), and concludes optimistically with the pursuit of dreams ("Blueprint"). Side B explores breakup stories (“Cameo”), capturing stages of grief ("Witness") and acceptance ("Lost in Translation", “New Friend”) within diverse urban life scenarios.

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Following the iconic debut of his studio album this year, Juju B. Goode has future plans to host events and perform live shows in the Los Angeles and New York City areas next year. Stay tuned for announcements and further details.


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