Jung Kook Appears on The Tonight Show Performs 'Standing Next to You'

Ciera Reeves


On November 7, Jung Kook of BTS appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for the first time on his own to talk about his debut solo album and perform his song 'Standing Next to You'. They discussed the accomplishments of BTS including being nominated for the Grammys 5 times and Jung Kook's song 'Seven' achieving Platinum status. 

During the interview Jung Kook talked about what he does in his time off including sleeping all day in bed or cooking noodles. Jimmy brought up the funny instance where Jung Kook went to sleep on Weverse live, and commented that he should  try it himself. Jung Kook explained what the nickname "Golden Maknae" meant. The interview ended with Jung Kook teaching Jimmy steps from 'Standing Next to You.' 

Later on Jung Kook put on a dynamic performance with live vocals and killer dance moves. 

Standing Next to You Live

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