Super Junior's Kyuhyun Receives Minor Injury Stopping Knife Attack by Woman at Musical Dressing Room

Ciera Reeves

Super Junior's Kyuhyun receives injury from knife attack at a dressing room for the musical Benhur. 

On November 19 around 6PM a woman broke into the musical's dressing room wielding a knife after watching the show. Cho Kyuhyun, who was in the dressing room tried to stop the woman and received a minor injury on his finger in turn and was immediately treated after the incident. 

On the 20th, Gangseo Police Station in Seoul reported A, a woman in her 30s, on suspicion of special threats. It was announced that she had been arrested red-handed the previous day and was being investigated. The police are checking the woman's mental history and the route in which she obtained the weapon. 

Thankfully, the situation was prevented from worst results. 

- update
Antenna and Kyuhyun posted a statement about the incident. 

Dear Fans,

This is Antenna. We hereby bring to your attention an incident involving KYUHYUN, which took place during his visit to celebrate the final performance of the musical Ben-Hur on the 19th. 

While he was in the dressing room, KYUKYUN encountered an outsider who caused distress to other actors. In the course of restraining the intruder, he had a minor abrasion on his finger. He was immediately treated on the spot and is currently in good health, fully capable of continuing his regular activities.

We express our gratitude to all the devoted fans for their genuine concern. Rest assured, we remain committed to supporting the artist. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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