ONE PACT Debuts With Their 1st Mini Album "Moment"

Photo Credit: ARMADA Ent

ONE PACT a boy group under ARMADA Ent debuts with their 1st mini album, "Moment" on November 30th, 2023. The five members JONGWOO, SEONGMIN, TAG, YEDAM, and JAY CHANG all participated in the viral music survival show, MNET's BOYS PLANET.

Their group name, ONE PACT, is a combination of the words “one” and “impact” meaning that they aim to gather together to create a big impact with their teamwork. 

The mini-album contains six new songs across various genres. ONE PACT member TAG was in charge of the overall production of the album, making sure to incorporate the group’s overall color. He took part in composing and lyric-writing five of the songs including the title track “Must Be Nice (좋겠다).” “Must Be Nice (좋겠다)” talks about how one is willing to do anything to please their selfish lover and how nice it must be to have someone like that in your life. The group also released two B-side tracks “G.O.A.T” and “멋진 거 (Hot Stuff)" along with performance videos ahead of their official debut.

“I was very nervous because everything was a new experience for me. I was excited as well because it was our new beginning, and I wanted to do my best for the fans who had been waiting for us. Thanks to our fans’ dedication and support, we are able to debut as a cool team named ONE PACT, and I’m very happy about it. I’ll show various sides as ONE PACT’s Yedam, thank you.” 

– YEDAM, Member of ONE PACT

“Hello, this is ONE PACT’s Tag! It feels quite surreal to begin a new journey for me. I look forward to ONE PACT’s growth and the journey I’ll be on with the members. Thank you to all the fans who have been supporting and waiting for us, and we promise to show better sides of us every day! I hope you stay healthy, and we’ll prepare for stages that will make everyone happy. Thank you!” 

– TAG, Member of ONE PACT


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