[Photo Gallery]: AB6IX turns the 'Red Up' in Atlanta

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong

Four-member group, AB6IX, opened their Atlanta show with "Resonance," a song from their 2022 album Take A Chance and "Loser," from their most recent release, The Future is Ours: Lost. Both songs built up the energy for the members, Daehwi, Donghyun,Woojin, and Woong, and their fans, ABNEW.

AB6IX share an unforgettable experience throughout the concert as they showcase each member's vocals in the way they distribute lines of their songs, and in the way they interact with their fans. Fan interactions felt like genuine conversation with no pressure while still maintaining professionalism and fun. Daehwi reminded Atlanta ABNEWs to "enjoy it to your fullest" before moving into the next portions of the show.

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong

Anyone attending an AB6IX concert can see how each member feels the music in their soul; The way they move, the way their energy transfers from their choreography to the power behind their voices shows off that they are truly an artist immersed in their talent and sharing it with fans that resonate with the music and messages. 

"Complicated," a song written for AB6IX by Monsta X's HYUNGWON, also acclaimed as Woong's favorite song for the night, made them share that they "want to be good idols for new groups following into the industry and role models for ABNEW." Words spoken with true sentiment were just one of the heartfelt ways the group kept fans engaged and excited about their journey together. Later in the encore, they boasted an acapella moment for songs, 'Cherry' and 'Dandelion' that they couldn't feature on the set list this time around. 

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong

Closing the show with '1, 2, 3' kept the energy up for fans who were staying for the special snapshot opportunities and left those that were not able to stay still in a blissful mindset to end their night. AB6IX put on a fun and intimate concert for fans in Atlanta and they have more U.S. stops with Studio PAV that you can check out here

And take a look at the AB6IX in Atlanta photo gallery below!

Cheyenne Chong

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