[Roundtable Interview] tripleS EVOLution Wants to be Phenomenal

tripleS EVOLution, consisting of members YooYeon, Mayu, NaKyoung, Kotone, ChaeYeon, JiWoo, SooMin, and YeonJi, is a subunit of the larger group tripleS, and they've been making waves in the K-pop scene since the release of their mini-album, "⟡(Mujuk)," last October. 

Their unique blend of musical artistry and mesmerizing performances has left fans in awe, as they continue to enchant audiences worldwide. What sets TripleS EVOLution apart is their dedication to delivering empowering messages of self-love with an unmistakably cool and contemporary style.

KpopWise joined our media colleagues in a roundtable interview with the group to learn more about their creative process for the album, behind-the-scenes stories and more. 

Your group is formed through votes. How do you feel about being chosen to debut?

JiWoo: Since the team is determined by fan votes, we find it more meaningful, and we are committed to delivering even more fruitful outcomes to meet our fans' expectations.

So what has it been like to now be able to meet those fans and see how much they love you?

Kotone: YeonJi, Mayu, and I are making our debut through EVOLution, and it was our first time meeting and greeting our fans on stage. When we saw them in person, we could truly sense their genuine love for us, and that feeling empowered and energized us a lot.

It is the first time debuting for the three members, while others have already made their debut in different sub units. Can you share your experience debuting in a new sub-unit for those who have already debuted? What are you feeling about the debut?

Mayu: This is my debut, and it's a dream I've had since I was young. I'm incredibly happy about it right now. But it's just the beginning. I'm committed to working hard and becoming an artist who can bring happiness and joy to many people.

NaKyoung: It's been a while since my last comeback with "Rising," and I was thrilled to see our fans again with the debut of EVOLution. Being part of this new sub-unit has allowed me to create wonderful memories with my fellow members.

What are the pros of being a part of a large and complex group?

YooYeon: Being a large group offers the advantage of having many members, which allows us to form various units, each showcasing different and unique styles. Moreover, our choreography and performances benefit from the mutual energy and synergy we draw from one another, resulting in fantastic stages. Also, because all of the members have their own unique charms, so the fans are not able to escape from them.

Being sub-units from the same group, how do you feel EVOLution's concept and sounds differ or line up with other sub-units in the group, like LOVElution's recent comeback?

ChaeYeon: Both EVOLution and LOVElution are sub-units of tripleS, sharing a common message of self-confidence and self-love. LOVElution expresses this message through a bright, refreshing, and exciting image, while EVOLution does so with a strong, intense, and cool image. This difference in image is what sets the two units apart.

With a concept like tripleS, how do you as the members keep the bond within the group?

YooYeon: Our team comes together based on fan decisions, so we make an effort to communicate extensively within the group to build stronger bonds and support one another. We also hold regular meetings to give feedback, discuss the team's needs, and ensure we're working together effectively.

"Invincible" was up against "Rising". To those that were in both units, which do you think suits EVOLution better?

ChaeYeon: Firstly, "Rising" was the debut song presented to the public with all the members of tripleS, serving as the title track that represented ASSEMBLE. It truly encapsulates the essence of the 10-person group. On the other hand, as a part of tripleS EVOLution, "Invincible" is vital for us to convey our Invincible spirit. In summary, "Rising" perfectly complements the vibe of a 10-person group, while "Invincible" is the ideal title track for EVOLution. If I were to make the decision again, I believe "Invincible" would still be the right choice for EVOLution.

Fans are curious about behind-the-scenes of the album preparation process. Could you share with us more about how the members participated in the creative process of this album?

Kotone: As mentioned earlier, SoHyun, a member of tripleS, contributed to the lyrics of the song "Moto Princess." However, due to her involvement in promoting the sub-unit LOVElution, she wasn't able to take part in the recording or producing of this track. Nonetheless, she played a key role in crafting the lyrics for the song.

The lyrics of one of the tracks in the EP, "Moto Princess" was written by member SoHyun. Are there any members who are into music composition as well and can we anticipate more members to participate in songwriting in the future?

JiWoo: Kotone and I have expressed our interest in music composition and lyrics-writing before. So if we get a chance, we would love to try.

Could you share with us the most memorable moment preparing this album?

Yeonji: I believe it was during the music video shoot. It was my first debut, and everything felt fresh since I'd never done a music video before. I encountered some challenges and felt like I missed a few details, but thanks to the support of the members, I managed to overcome those difficulties. Our music video also showcases some aspects of tripleS that we hadn't revealed to the public previously, as we ventured into new territory with new challenges. The whole process was enjoyable overall.

Can you share with us an interesting or a funny story that happened during the filming of your music video?

Yeonji: In the music video, there's a very short scene where we go up and down the stairs. I remember climbing those stairs countless times for a scene that made the final cut for just a few seconds. During the shoot, we couldn't help but laugh and joke about how we were burning calories and it felt like a workout.

KW: If you could choose a member to be your personal stylist for a week, who would she be?

Kotone: Mayu has a great sense of style, and I believe if she were to become our stylist, she would be able to select outfits that suit all of the members perfectly. That's why I choose her for the role.

KW: What is a compliment that you would like to hear from others?

Kotone: Since this is a sub-unit formed specifically by our fans, we appreciate compliments about our performance, like hearing that our performance was exceptional or our stage was phenomenal.

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Special thanks to Modhaus, tripleS EVOLution, and Helix Publicity for the interview. 

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