THAMA Releases 2nd Full Album "WOOOF!"

Amoeba Culture artist and singer-songwriter THAMA released his 2nd full album, entitled WOOOF!, on November 16. 

This album is his first in two years. It consists of a total of 12 songs that capture the essence of R&B/Soul beautifully and includes two title tracks with different vibes. - "Baby I Know" and "Bump It Up". In addition, there are three B-side tracks written entirely in English, such as "You", "Passion", "I Feel Love", showcasing THAMA's versatility as a writer and captivating and engaging his international fans at the same time.

The first title song "Baby I Know" is a song that embodies THAMA's emotions about cloudy days. Unlike other sentimental and gloomy songs that come to mind when it comes to "rain", this song is composed of a cheerful, rhythmic melody that highlights THAMA's unique musicality.

The second title song "Bump It Up" wittily unravels the process of becoming one with musicians all over the world across language and cultural barriers. In contrast to "Baby I Know", the song gives off an uplifting, exciting energy. 

THAMA is an all-rounder producer and singer-songwriter who drew massive attention with his first full-length album DON’T DIE COLORS from the Korean music market and won two awards, "Best R&B Album" award at the 19th Korean Music Awards and "R&B Album of the Year" at the 2022 Korean Hiphop Awards.

As an all-rounder producer that transcends genre boundaries through Hiphop, R&B/Soul, K-Pop, Indie, he collaborated with various notable artists such as Dynamicduo, EXO, NCT 127, Kid Milli, GIRIBOY, and GARY, and so forth.

He owns an unrivaled unique voice that blends in anywhere, regardless of who he collaborates with or wherever he goes, and has become a "must listen to musician" that has a raw vibe second to none.

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