ZEROBASEONE Crushes Their First Comeback with Second Mini Album "Melting Point"

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ZEROBASEONE is ready to melt ZEROSE’s hearts with ‘100% pure’ immersion and fervent passion.

ZEROBASEONE (SUNG HAN BIN, KIM JI WOONG, ZHANG HAO, SEOK MATTHEW, KIM TAE RAE, RICKY, KIM GYU VIN, PARK GUN WOOK, HAN YU JIN) releases their second mini album ‘MELTING POING’ on November 6th, 6 pm KST, through various streaming sites.

The title track, “CRUSH,” is a powerful track that layers ZEROBASEONE’s versatile emotions on top of Drum & Bass and Jersey Club rhythms. Its lyrics convey the determination of 9 members, who bloomed radiant dreams with the love of their fans, in becoming a stronger being for ZEROSE and protecting them until the end. The group will share an intense thrill with ZEROBASEONE’s powerful performance that represents their determined oath.

In the music video that will be revealed to the public along with the track, 9 members who are in love express a courageous promise to protect ‘you’ who saved ‘me’ with dynamic camera moves. The music video creates unique visuals with interchanging scenes of the members of real life in school look and the members in uniforms that resemble those of knights. ZEROBASEONE’s energetic, charismatic group choreography completes various CG effects between real life and imagination.

In addition to the title track, the album includes “MELTING POINT” a song following the title of the album and capturing the process of a heart frozen by love melting away, “Take My Hand” which conveys the determination to leap into a new world hand in hand, “Kidz Zone” celebrating a world where we sing and dance together, and ZEROBASEONE's signature lullaby “Good Night” that comforts a hard day and night, making a total of five tracks spanning diverse genres.

In this 2nd mini-album, ZEROBASEONE intends to resonate with listeners through music that tells their unique story. While their debut album 'YOUTH IN THE SHADE' focused on the dazzling yet unstable side of youth, 'MELTING POINT,' reached through ZEROSE's faith, depicts a more proactive stance rooted in self-confidence.

Just like highly pure ice melts at 0 degrees, 9 members will expand to the new world with music and performance that carries ‘100% pure’ immersion and fervent passion and melts listeners’ hearts once again while armed with radiant visuals. After naming themselves as a million-seller just one day after the release of the debut album ‘YOUTH IN THE SHADE,’ ZEROBASEONE already recorded 1.7 million pre-orders with this new release and is predicted to name themselves as a million-second for the consecutive time, continuing
 to carry their name as the ‘5th generation icon.’

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