[Exclusive Interview] E'LAST, a Sweet Kiss of Ambition

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E'LAST has returned with their 4th mini album "iDENTIFICATION" on October 17. The album includes 6 songs, 'Kiss me Baby,' 'NEVERLAND,' 'Together,' 'Rain,' and the Korean and Japanese versions of 'Thrill.'

E’LAST released the digital single "Thrill" in February this year and met fans in various ways, including domestic busking, and performances in North America and Japan.

Also, last year's 3rd Mini Album "ROAR" title song 'Creature' set a record of ranking 8th on the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, raising expectations for the next album.

The 4th mini album shows off the all-round talent of E'LAST who has grown even more through performances in Korea and abroad. revealing an ‘identity’ of members that we had never known before.

The title song 'Kiss me Baby' is an easy-listening song with a different flavor we're used to from the E'LAST, showing a sweet and romantic side of the group. There is an addictive melody that you can sing along to.

'Kiss me Baby' Music Video

KpopWise caught up with E'LAST again to discuss more about the album.

Congratulations on the release of "Kiss Me Baby"! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this song and what it means?

Romin:  It may seem like a love song but it’s really about our story. For example, the lyrics like ‘1,2,3 up get up if you fall’ talks about us. 

Could you share any interesting or memorable moments from the filming of the 'Kiss Me Baby' music video?

Wonjun: I didn’t really drive but I had to pretend to drive on one of the scenes which was memorable. 

E'LAST has shown versatility in your music styles. Do you like powerful concepts or sweet concepts the most? 

Romin: I like powerful more, I’m the cool guy Romin. (laughs) 

What message or emotions do you hope to convey to your fans with 'Kiss Me Baby'? 

Wonjun: The song is about working continuously to achieve the goal instead of a simple love song, so we wish to reach our E’LAST’s goal as well. 

If you could be a fairytale character, who would it be and why? 

Wonjun: I would want to be ‘The Little Prince’. Every time I wear anything brown, I hear that I look like the character and I, of course, also have the little prince visual. 

If you were a candy favor, what would you be and why?

Baekgyeul: I would say Cotton Candy! Just how the colors are expressed differently through the sugar, we can also adapt to all concepts of style. 

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If you could have any animal as a sidekick in a movie, what animal would it be and why?

Rano: I would want a dog as my sidekick. Since dogs are great as guide dogs and search dogs, I feel they would be a great sidekick after training together. 

What do you think has been the most significant change or development in E'LAST's music and performance style over the years?"

Won Hyuk: Wanting to grow even better in live skills even though we’ve developed a lot. 

Baekgyeul: E’LAST has grown maturely in music style and improved in expressing our songs diversely, and we will continue to do so, so our ELRINGs will enjoy our music more. Just like the nickname ‘Live-dol’, our performances are much more spectacular and fun, so hope that you can all come and enjoy our fantastic live performances!

What are your future plans and goals for E'LAST?

Yejun: Our goal would be that when we look back at our traces, all the members have no regrets and finish our promotion to the fullest as E’LAST. 

Lastly, is there a message you'd like to convey to ELRING, both long-time fans and those who are just discovering E'LAST through "Kiss Me Baby"?

Rano: We are back to our ELRINGs with our 4th mini album. We’ve all participated in this album wanting to tell our stories to ELRING, so hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. To those who got to know us through ‘Kiss me Baby’, hope you guys get to listen to other other tracks as well, their amazing songs. Thank you for your interest in E’LAST and thank you ELRINGs for all the love and support! Love you! 

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ELRINGS can expect a tour in 2024! Stay tuned for details. 

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