[Exclusive Interview] Fatou of BLACKSWAN Dips into her Vulnerability by Introducing Solo Series "Letter 1: ADAEH"

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On December 8, Fatou of BLACKSWAN released her first solo Mixtape EP "Letter 1 - Adaeh."

Fatou, a captivating and multifaceted artist, first graced the music scene in October 2020 as a rapper and a vital member of the globall girl group BLACKSWAN. As she marks her fourth year in the industry, Fatou has not only solidified her position as an idol but has also emerged as a trailblazer in the in the world of K-pop.

In her latest endeavor, a compelling mixtape EP album, Fatou opens up a deeply personal chapter of her life. The album is a collection of songs born out of the most challenging moments she has faced, each track a poignant reflection of her emotions and experiences. This raw and unfiltered body of work serves as a testament to her authenticity, inviting listeners into the inner sanctum of her soul.

In crafting this album, Fatou harbored a fervent desire to share her true self with those who have supported and admired her throughout her journey. She recognizes the unwavering loyalty of her fanbase and endeavors to reciprocate that dedication by baring her soul through her music. The album is a heartfelt expression, a labor of love intended to resonate with those who have looked up to her, finding solace in the authenticity that she now lays bare.

Contrasting with the vibrant and choreographed spectacle of her life as an idol, this solo release offers a more serene and introspective side of Fatou. This mixtape EP album is not just a collection of songs but a manifestation of an artist evolving, sharing, and staying true to herself. 

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Glow spoke with Fatou via Zoom prior to the release of her solo mixtape “ADAEH” and here is what she had to say about the project.

Glow: You are coming out with your first mixtape EP album. The title “ADAEH” is derived from African origins and symbolizes “Chosen One.” Why did you choose that title? What does that mean to you?

Fatou: When I was choosing the title, I felt like--you know--chosen ones, their road is never smooth. There's a lot of ups and downs, a lot of hardships, a lot of backlash because they are chosen. But at the end of the day, because they're chosen, they will--no matter what other people say--they will get to where they're supposed to be. So that’s why I chose that title. I felt like it really represented my whole journey right now. Till this point, no matter what people say, this is where I'm supposed to be. This is my seat.

Glow: So what side of Fatou should Luminas be expecting from this project?

Fatou: A very raw, stripped down. There’s no made-up image. It's just going to be Fatou at my most vulnerable state. It's going to be raw.

Glow: And when we spoke before, you talked about producing and writing and wanting to create something that is authentically you. And I want to ask, is this it?


Fatou: Yes, 100%! I'm so excited for the people to hear it.

Glow: There's five tracks on the album. Do you have a favorite? Which one do you hold dear to your heart?

Fatou: I would say it’s the title track, Devil Made The Deal For Me. That one was the first one I wrote out of all the five and that one I wrote when I was really at the lowest of my low. So it holds a very special place in my heart.

Glow: Can you tell me the emotions that were going through you when you were putting pen to paper?

Fatou: I was not me at all. The thing is, I never thought that I would experience such a low phase in my life. I was like, why even be--it's gonna sound very, maybe shocking or not but--why even be alive? What's the reason of living? What’s the reason of doing all of this? Putting in my hard work when there's always something--I was like, nah, I cannot do this. I have to end this. Can I go on? I was mad at people. Even when I told them what I was going through, they would be like ‘oh, yeah it’s going to be fine.’ Like no, you don't understand. You're not listening to what I'm saying. You're not listening to my words. Like, I was trying to reach out to tell people, help, I need help. They thought they understood but they didn't really understand. So I felt like this had to be the work of the devil. The Devil Made The Deal For Me.

Glow: Thank you so much for sharing that. I think a lot of people really appreciate when artists talk freely about what they're going through, especially when reflected in their art. In the concept photos, you are styled in a way that reflects African roots. Tell me a bit about that decision. 

Fatou: I wanted to be completely real. I was like, why not go for the version of me that really expresses me. I should bring that to the table. So, that's why I chose that whole look, and I'm very, very happy that people seem to vibe with it.

Glow: How does this album differ from your previous solo work? 

Fatou: This one is completely raw. I felt naked while writing this. My previous work, I was writing down what I thought people would want to see from me. So it was not really my true feelings but I'm still proud of that work because if I didn't put that out, I wouldn't have been able to really, really search within myself and be like, okay, I cannot keep writing like this. I cannot just keep putting out things that I think people want from me, I have to put out art that I want. My heart has to be in my work or else it's not going to feel authentic, it’s not gonna feel real for me. So, that's the difference.

Glow: Since the project is titled Letter 1, is this going to be a series? 

Fatou: Yes, it’s a series! I'm already working on Letter 2. Spoiler *laughs*!

Glow: What do you want Lumina’s to feel as they listen to your project?

Fatou: I am 100% sure that they have also went through those times in their lives. I just want them to know that, me, as a human being coming to them as a human being, it's okay. It's okay to feel that way, it's okay to be down as long as you are able to bring yourself back up. I was at my lowest but now I'm fine, I'm happy, I'm thriving. I hope they take that away from this work. And I want them to just see me as a fellow human being, not just a person behind a screen. Or you know, this made-up image--I don't want no image. I just want them to see me!

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Thank you to Fatou and DR Music for the interview. 

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