Korean Festivities In December to Check Out

Have you ever wondered if Korean people celebrate Christmas? Have they other festivities? If your mind has ever asked these kinds of queries, you are the perfect place to receive an answer to most of them. 

Today we will talk about the Korean festivities in December because further than Christmas, there are many festivities with the same vibes of the worldwide Christian celebration. 

Seoul Christmas Festival 

During December, the streets of the capital city —Seoul— are adorned with lights the central theme the Christmas. It’s a great chance to shoot some cool photos and to deep in the magic Christmas climate. 

Boseong Tea Plantation Light Festival

It is the largest winter festival in South Korea —mostly in the southeast part of the country. The festival takes place on a tea plantation which is glowed-up by LED lights. A lovely place that combines nature and glow. 

Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festiva

Another place where nature and beauty are blended perfectly is the festival celebrated in the Garden of Morning Calm. The entire garden—with valleys and mountains— is coated with snow. At night, the LED lights revived the garden with colors and many decorations, such as horses, umbrellas, and more. 

Busan Christmas Tree Festival 

Busan has a major vision to celebrate Christmas more than Seoul. An immense Christmas tree decorates the main street of the city. Festivals of all kinds of themed Christmas are available at this time of the year. Wonderful LED lights fill with light the urban street. Furthermore, you can smell the Christmas vibes throughout the city. 

Seoul Lantern Festival 

This celebration is a bit particular because it includes lanterns-—which are commonly Chinese— outdoor lighting, and Christmas markets. A variety of celebrating Christmas. You’ll glimpse multicolored lanterns crowding the Han River, a magnetic and wonderful view at dusk and night. 

Christmas in South Korea 

Nonetheless, Christmas in South Korea is not a family celebration but a couple’s one. On the day of 25th of December, romantic couples meet with each other’s partner to celebrate their affinity. An unusual way to celebrate Christmas, don’t you think? 


To recap everything we have discussed previously, Christmas time in South Korea is mostly celebrated with Festival lamps, light decorations, and the magical atmosphere only Christmas can give, nevertheless, the D-day is not a family celebration but a couple’s one. 

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