Members of New Group NOMAD Revealed, Set to Debut Soon

The members of the 5-member rookie group NOMAD were revealed on December 20. 

In the profile mood video uploaded through NOMAD Entertainment's official YouTube channel 'NOMAD_entofficial', the five NOMAD members who have been preparing for two years were revealed for the first time.

Based on their completed skills, they plan to engage in various musical activities based on the crossover of R&B and hip-hop genres.

The team name NOMAD was named as an abbreviation for ‘Need Our Microphone And Dances’, which contains the bold message to ‘dance with your heart and enjoy the stage’. 

The NOMAD members revealed are DOY, SANGHA, ONE, RIVR, and JUNHO. Leader DOY has an unusual history of developing his musicianship by honing his skills at a large agency for a total of 10 years without debuting or appearing on audition programs. He participated in writing, composing, and producing all of NOMAD's first EP songs, and is an excellent all-round player, capable of taking on all positions including dance, rap, and vocals as well as team producer.

In addition, Sangha and Junho have already secured fandom by appearing on a broadcast program once and proving their outstanding vocal skills, while ONE has been developing his capabilities while preparing for a large agency. RIVR is known as the owner of a gem-like voice that was discovered through an audition at his agency.

A NOMAD Entertainment official said, “The five members have prepared through a long and difficult time, and their spirit is unique in that they are confident that they did not waste even a single moment of that time in vain. “We want to let many people know that we are a team that shows the side of artists who make independent music.”

Member profile videos can be found on their YouTube channel. Meanwhile the group will pre-release 'Lights On' from their first mini album on December 27.

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