NCT 127 Releases Special Winter Single Album "Be There For Me"

Ciera Reeves

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

NCT 127 return this month with a special three-track project “Be There For Me – Winter Special Single”, dropping 22 December. Arriving just in time for the holidays, the release serves as a gift from the group to their fans with title track “Be There For Me”, plus “Home Alone” and “White Lie”. “Be There For Me – Winter Special Single” is now available for pre-order on various music sites including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. The physical album is also available to pre-order now and will be in stores on 26 January.

In a departure from NCT 127’s usual style and intense performances, the warm, emotional melodies of the special winter single invite listeners to experience a softer side of the members. 

Title track “Be There For Me” is a pop R&B masterpiece, blending gospel organ melodies, rhythmic blues piano, and brass sounds. The lyrics resemble a letter penned to someone far away. “Home Alone” expresses the desire to stay at home alone during the cold winter months, with a cheerful, bouncy melody. “White Lie” is an emotional R&B ballad, expressing the sorrow of not being able to convey true feelings, and resorting to a white lie. Members TAEYONG and MARK participated in composing and writing the lyrics of the song, delivering emotional depth in their rap verses. 

Be There For Me – Winter Special Single” follows a non-stop year for NCT 127. In between a global tour, they released their fourth album repackage, “Ay-Yo” in January and their fifth regular album “Fact Check” in October. Additionally, they recently released their documentary series, “NCT 127: The Lost Boys”. In the series, the members talk about their childhood experiences growing up in various cities around the world, their feelings about international success, and unexpected difficulties they have faced along the way. It is available to stream on Disney+ in the UK. 

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