[PHOTO GALLERY AND RECAP] Chuu Stuns at Final Stop of First USA Tour

K-pop soloist CHUU completed the last stop of her first USA tour "Howl in the USA" at Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas on December 17th. Her vocals soared through her own tracks such as "Underwater," "Howl," "Hitchhiker," "Aliens," and "My Palace," setting the stage for a journey of sweet melodies and heartfelt connections. CHUU displayed her diverse range of performance talents through covers of various popular artists' songs as well.

VCRs played throughout the setlist, one of which showcased CHUU's thoughts and worries as a diary entry, connecting her to fans beyond song and dance. This concert was not only the last stop of her USA tour, but also a landmark in her journey as a newfound soloist. Through these VCRs and talk sessions between songs, CHUU displayed vulnerability, strength, humor and at the end of the show, sadness over the concert coming to a close.

Dallas wasn't just captivated by a concert, but by a message of authenticity and finding a new start as a soloist. As CHUU's voice faded, one thing was clear: this rising star's howl had enchanted not only Dallas but the USA, promising to captivate audiences globally in the days, months and years to come.

Please check out Kpopwise's photo gallery from the night below!

Thank you to Wonderwall for the opportunity to cover this event!

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CHUU's Official Artist Twitter: @chuu_atrp

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CHUU's Personal Instagram: chuuo3o

CHUU's Web Series Instagram: chuucandoit

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CHUU's Web Series YouTube: 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It

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