[Review] "It's only a small comma in our story" Jimin Releases Comforting Track 'Closer Than This'


An array of feelings have been unleashed with BTS’s Jimin's digital single ‘Closer Than This.’ The latest release is a parting gift from the singer, a way of saying goodbye to his fans as all seven members of BTS have enlisted in the military. With J-Hope and Jin having released their optimistic and emotional goodbye-for-now gifts, it's Jimin's turn to share his story. He’s out to tell his tale with a walk down memory lane, reflecting on the roots of the group and their journey not only musically but with ARMY.

With a pre-chorus that is laden with emotion and reassurance, it acts as a precedent for what's to come in BTS’s future, singing out, “Don't have to worry now/Letting go of your hand for a moment/But it's only a small comma in our story/Just call my name out loud/Until the days tinge purple once again.”

It’s a slow RnB number that's captivating due to the vocals of Jimin, who, as usual, showcases his vocal range expertly, sounding angelic as always. The main chorus is sung in English, which is an interesting choice, perhaps due to it being a universal language and allowing for a clear understanding of the root of the message.

Cause anytime you want me (I'll be)

Right here where you call me (I'll be)

I could never let you go

Never let you go

Whenever you need me (I'll be)

If you believe me (I'll be)

I'll never let you go

Never let you go

The vibe of the song in essence is a reassuring warm hug to fans, a song that no doubt would sound grand in a huge arena once the group is back onstage. Whilst it has a nostalgic feel, the sound switches to joyful with the addition of a children’s choir, rounding the song off to feel like a cheerful sing-along. To match the meaning of the track, the accompanying music video shows the journey of the band since their debut in 2013. It acts as a memory book, navigating dates and featuring fan meets and on-stage moments. A montage of clips play out alongside the group's achievements, and the success of his solo debut 'Like Crazy' which landed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

In a press release, Bighit stated the message Jimin wished to portray throughout the 4-minute track, "Closer Than This” is dedicated to his fans with the lyrics expressing a heartfelt message to ARMY. The track conveys Jimin’s sincere appreciation and love for his fans. It sings of never letting go of ‘your’ hand even throughout the changing of the seasons, offering a sense of assurance and comfort with a promise that 'even if we're temporarily apart, we're always together.' The track also marks the finale for #ThisIsJimin, a series of short-form content that Jimin has shared with his fans over the last three months. The artist released a slew of performance videos on social media channels, which included a snippet of the performance to “Closer Than This” to tease the single prior to its release. Bringing #ThisIsJimin to a completion, “Closer Than This'' acts as an unforgettable gift that will hold a special place in fans’ hearts. 

The track also concedes nicely with the new documentary BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star in partnership with Disney+. The eight-part series which was released on the 21st of December will see episodes released weekly, with the first two episodes now live. The series is a sentimental look and deep dive into their global achievements since their debut in June 2013. 

The song is available on all platforms. What do you think of the new single? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow KpopWise for all the latest on your favourite idols!

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