The Euro Journal presents the 2023 UK K-POP Competition Held in London with Great Success.

The Euro Journal presents the 2023 UK K-POP Competition Held in London

After 46 teams participated in the preliminary round, and the finalists 16 teams competed in the event, there was a K-POP DJ with a electronic Violinist for 3 hours, and all 500 attendees became one with K-POP, filled with excitement!!

The 1st UK K-POP Competition 2023, hosted by The Euro Journal, was held with great success at the ‘Brixton Jamm’ concert hall in London on 3 December 2023, with over 500 spectators in attendance.

At the event, From the performances of the UK K-POP Contest finalists to the special showcases of the UK Independant artists, all participants including a K-POP DJ session lasted for a whopping 3 hours, driving the participants into a crucible of excitement.

When a known K-POP song played they knew, everyone jumped up, sang and danced together, giving off a lot of excitement as they all became K-pop singers and dancers.

This 2023 UK K-POP Contest is sponsored by Daehansarang (Daehan History and Culture Association), a historical and cultural movement organization that reclaims the lost history of our roots and the original cultural spirit and establishes the national line of Korean history to pioneer a bright future for Korea, in order to spread Korean Wave culture and spirit. They contributed greatly to the hosting of the event by providing full support.

This competition was praised by K-POP & Entertainment experts and participants as being the best in level and content, with talents in various fields including K-POP vocals, dance, and showcases participating, and was evaluated as raising the level of K-POP competitions in the UK to a new level received.

The Euro Journal (Publisher Hoon Kim), the largest Korean-American media outlet in Europe, held an online preliminary competition (46 teams participating) from September to October to keep British K-POP and Korean Wave fans interested in the K-POP competition. The Euro Journal have worked hard to support K-POP relations and cultural exchange by allowing prestigious choreographers and producers from both Korea and the UK to join as judges.

UK Producer (EXO, TWICE, ITZY, RED VELVET), Korean Producer (Wanna One, Infinite, Jihoon Park), UK Choreographer( Du Lipa, Taylor Swift), Korean Choreographer(1 Million Dance Studio) participated as judges of the UK K-POP Competition 2023.

In addition, British Producer AZODi and David Anthony (Producer Bangkok), who compose K-POP music in the UK, presented an accurate vocal/dance evaluation based on judging criteria such as creativity, execution/cleanliness, choreography, musicality, K-POP theme and each participant was expected to grow even after the competition ended. The judges provided feedback and encouragement to all the contestants after the event.

In the final contest, various K-POP genres, including vocal solo participants, dance solo participants, and dance group participants, competed in only one category, ‘K-POP’.

The final of the 'UK K-POP Competition 2023' provided various attractions with the 'K-POP Dance / Vocal Contest' , 'K-POP Showcase' of local K-POP artists in the UK, followed by the 'K-POP and violin collaboration' With ‘K-POP DJ’, over 500 attendees opened a concert hall where everyone could become one through K-POP.

The grand prize, gold, and silver award winners of this British K-Pop contest received trophies and cash prize (1,000 pounds for 1st place, 500 pounds for 2nd place, and 300 pounds for 3rd place).

Wook Kim, the representative of the British K-POP event said, “We are planting a growth engine so that British people who love K-POP can love Korea and K-POP more through healthy competition, listen to professional feedback from entertainment experts in both countries, and grow into professional talents.” “I was moved by the passion for K-pop that the British people felt at the competition,” he said.

In particular, the highest level of K-POP judges participated in this competition, raising the level of the event.

Jay Kim is the Korean Choreographer who worked with 1 Million Dance Studio, Loen Entertainment and collaborated with Korean artists such as EXO Luhan, Mommy Son, and Jay Park. Sharon June, the London choreographer, movement coach, and dancer worked with Dua Lipa, Janet Jackson, Pharrel, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Little Mix, Zara Larsson, French Montana and more. Producer Bangkok worked with EXO, TWICE, ITZY, EXO CBX, RED VELVET, LOONA, EVERGLOW, OH MY GIRL! Producer AZODi worked with Woo-jin Kim, the former member of Stray Kids.

“I think the UK K-POP competition here in London was one of the best I've attended.. it was full of talent and people showing what they are made of.. and the general atmosphere was a great feeling to be involved in, and I really hope I am invited to more and more of them around the world.. this is a GREAT thing for the youngsters to get a foot in the door of entertainment. And it was very well organised..”

Producer Bangkok (David Anthony)

"Absolutely incredible! I really really enjoyed it and it outdated my expectations of what it would be like I had no idea so many people were interested in the K-POP. The biggest thing I took away from it was,not only was everyone incredibly supportive of each other, but it didn't matter even though it was technically a competition. I absolutely loved how you would never see that much diversity in people under one room, enjoying the same thing it was insane! how many different types of people they all love K-POP"

Producer AZODi

Choreographer Jay Kim also shared his thoughts,

"The overall flow of the British K-pop competition was good. In order to encourage the participation of more professional teams in the future, it would be good to allow professional dancers (K-pop dance teachers) to participate in a similar way to the 'British All-Star Competition.'”

In this K-POP competition, the judges gave feedback to each participating team after the competition, which is very unusual and has hardly happened in any other K-POP event or competition, drawing admiration from the participating teams. One participating team said, “It was great to be able to receive detailed feedback from the judges even after the competition was over, and it was great to be able to showcase on a stage like this in the UK, where there are no opportunities to stand on a K-pop stage.”

The most common feedback from K-POP fans who attended as audience members was, “I liked it because it was an event that everyone could participate and enjoy, rather than a typical K-Pop party for people over the age of 18 or a K-Pop competition where only dancers participate.”

The K-POP DJ session was evaluated as rather refreshing. Most people expressed the opinion that rather than an event that felt like attending a DJ party, it felt more like a festival where people of all ages can enjoy together.

The 1st place in this competition (1,000 pounds in cash prize and trophy) was the UJJN team, which performed with Cream Soda (original singer: EXO), which was selected as 1st place by all 4 judges sharing the feedback "the song selection was matched with the group and performed well on stage. The stage manners were good. If the team pay more attention to detail, they will grow to a professional level."

The 2nd place team (cash prize of 500 pounds and trophy) is the 'We Are Going Hard' team, which selected two songs, Cake (original singer: KARD) and Hard (original singer: SHINee), and the judges said "The team energy was good, and it was the group that best showed the feeling of being a group. I think they could grow if they reduced the unique movement feel of the choreography and paid more attention to details,"

The 3rd place team (cash prize of 300 pounds and trophy) is soloist Nick with 2 medley songs, FIRE, I'm the Best (original singer: 2NE1) and 3 remixes of Kill this love, how you like that, and Pretty savage (original song) Singer: BLACKPINK), Chili (original singer: Hwasa), and Smoke (original singer: Dynamic Duo, Lee Young-ji).

The judges said "The variety of music selections and use of props were good, and the charisma on stage stood out. There were many strong choreography elements, but it would be good to develop more diverse expressive skills."

K-POP fan volunteers who worked hard at this event said, "I thought this event was really fun and ran smoothly. In particular, I think it was a huge success, allowing many talented performers to reach a wider British audience. They also agreed that it was a high-quality competition, saying, "It also gave us the opportunity to experience something new in K-POP, which is not common in competitions in the UK. The judges continued to chat with the performers afterwards, providing additional feedback and knowledge, and building relationships."

A local journalist who covered the event said, "I would like to say that they did a truly great job organizing a truly great event. It was great to see all the competitors/performers show off their skills. Their passion and enthusiasm for K-Pop. Most of all, I liked that it was always a good experience to see people having a good time! And it was nice to support each other. The showcase artists were also great,"

The K-POP community who organizes K-POP events such as London Comic Con 2023 and the Saatchi Gallery Oulim exhibition said, “There was no opportunity to participate in K-POP DJ parties mainly because they were 18 years old or older, but there was no opportunity for younger people to participate. “It was really great because it was an event, and I was able to really enjoy the party,”

The 2nd session of the event, K-POP DJ Party was the K-POP event in the UK where participants and the audience became one, jumping, screaming, and having fun in the hall for a whopping 3 hours.

In particular, IVE, Blackpink, BTS Jungkook, Big Bang, Aespa are the most famous artists for the K POP DJ Party, Standing Next to You - Jungkook (BTS Jungkook), Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang (Big Bang), Next Level - Aespa (Aespa) are the songs which most people dance together.

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