Coachella Bound Band The Rose Launches Unisex Fragrance "Black Rose"


The Rose's first unisex fragrance is here – inspired by the band's unique connection to the human senses. The enticing scent, “Black Rose,” named after the band's fanbase, has notes of Jasmine, Pear, Ambrette and Rose, making it a harmonious blend transcending traditional boundaries, weaving together the vibrant tapestry of The Rose and their devoted fandom. 

Known for creating their songs in vivid hues, the band assigns colors to each member, mirroring a rose garden. Woosung embodies white, Dojoon radiates red, Hajoon emanates blue, with Jaehyeong exuding a delicate pink. "Black Rose'' marks The Rose's inaugural venture into the realm of scent, creating a harmonious symphony that intertwines fragrance and sound. 

Once again crossing new frontiers, this fragrance, much like The Rose fandom itself, honors and explores the artistry of scent in a soft and sensual citrusy embrace. "Black Rose" is an invitation to be a part of the multifaceted identity of The Rose, appealing universally to hearts that appreciate the essence of creativity and artistry. As a scent which anyone can wear, the fragrance entices leaving an unforgettable impression.

 Black Rose is now available exclusively at

Meanwhile, The Rose are on a world tour, check if they are arriving in your country soon here. You can pick up tickets to see The Rose at this year's Coachella.

Ciera Reeves

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