Eccentric Trainee Beomhan Finally Debuts with "Me Myself & I"


Beomhan, also known as Harry Wu, is a Chinese-American independant solo artist, and previous trainee at FM Entertainment - where he was also part of pre-debut boy group M.O.N.T Arena as a rapper and dancer. Following his departure, he has just made his solo debut with the single "Me Myself & I". 

Prior to his debut, Beomhan was an independant trainee and social media personality best known for his quirky disposition and outlandishly humorous livestreams. His fanbase know him for speaking out about various topics such as mental health, as well as his journey as a K-Pop trainee. 

In "Me Myself & I", Beomhan put aside his eccentricities in a reflection of all the hard work he undoubtedly put into the track. The song is a trendy dance track with a melodic and catchy hook, with the performance featuring a fluid choreography. It highlights a message of independance and self-discovery as a hopeful message of perseverance under strain. 

"Me Myself & I" will be available on major streaming platforms including Spotify and YouTube. We congratulate Beomhan on his debut, and look forward to watching as he develops and grows his career.

In the mean time, keep an eye on KpopWise for more updates!

May S

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