[Exclusive Interview] Weeekly on Plans for 2024 and Meeting Global Daileees

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Girl group Weeekly (Lee Soojin, Monday, Park Soeun, Lee Jaehee, Jihan, and Zoa) have gained popularity for their charm and youthful spirit since their debut in 2020. The group is set to release their new digital single, "Stranger," on January 25 in both Korean and English, following their 5th EP album "ColoRise" which was released in November 2023. 

"Stranger" aims to transcend linguistic barriers with its emotional acoustic guitar sound, capturing the group's journey, growth, and the support from their fans. The single was first unveiled to fans during the recent fan meeting "2024 Weeekly 1st Fan Meeting [Weeekly University]" and has received positive feedback. 

IST Entertainment, expresses excitement about expanding the group's global popularity, especially in the American market and have hinted at plans for a U.S. tour in 2024, which is stirring up great enthusiasm and anticipation from global fans. 

KpopWise had the opportunity to have a conversation with Weeekly, delving into their upcoming plans and goals for the year 2024. Weeekly also revealed insightful answers to questions that their devoted fans, Daileees, have been eager to know.

Hello Weeekly! What was the first thing that Weeekly did when 2024 started?

Lee Soojin: We made a resolution together while having a delicious meal with the members to work hard for the upcoming year as we always did!

Jihan: We had our first fan meeting on January 6th! While thinking about our Daileees, we’ve worked so hard to prepare and practice for this fan meeting, and we successfully completed it!

Zoa: I spent New Year's Day with my parents and celebrated by having dinner with the Weeekly members on January 1st.

What is your favorite part of 'VROOM VROOM'?

Park Soeun: I like the part “Wherever the road leads, it doesn’t matter in this moment” the most! I like it because the lyrics express well what Weeekly wants to say to Daileee.

Monday: My favorite part is the intro part of the song by Zoa, “Time to be brave, the same path is just too predictable Eh Eh (Time to be brave 똑같은 길은 너무 다 뻔해 Eh Eh)”! I like it because it’s the part that unfolds the song and fits well with Zoa’s voice!

Lee Jaehee: My favorite part is the repetitive chorus, especially the ‘VROOM VROOM Oh~ Oh~” part. I think it’s the most impactful and addictive part of the song. This part has become my favorite because it keeps lingering in my mind even after listening to it only once.

Do you guys live in a shared dorm? If so, who's the person who wakes up very early, and who is the person who wakes up very late?

Monday: Yes, we have lived together since we were trainees. The member who wakes up the earliest is Soojin, and the member who wakes up the latest is me (Monday).

Lee Soojin: We all live together! Usually, Soeun wakes up the earliest, and the member who wakes up the latest is either Monday or Jaehee.

If you could choose a member as your stylist for the week, who would it be?

Lee Jaehee: I will pick Zoa! I feel like Zoa dresses beautifully to the clothing style that I like.

Zoa:  I’ll choose myself. If I became a stylist, I could dress the members very nicely.

Monday and Jaehee, you were on the show GIRL'S RE:VERSE. Was it difficult at all to prepare and perform with virtual avatars?

Monday: It was a very fun and new experience, but I think the biggest challenge was shooting while experiencing motion sickness due to the prolonged use of VR devices. Even though I tried various motion sickness medicines during the shoot, I still experienced nausea. Despite some difficulties, it was an enjoyable memory after all!

Lee Jaehee: Due to the nature of the virtual program, I had to exaggerate my performance and my moves more than usual and consistently produce a voice that suited the character. Throughout the preparation process, it was challenging to live with the character’s voice constantly. However, since it was my first experience with a virtual survival program, it was fascinating and fun during the process. I was able to learn a lot in terms of both my singing abilities and how to engage effectively on variety shows.

Are there any countries you would like to visit?

Park Soeun: I want to visit Rome! Rome briefly appears in my favorite movie, and it looks so beautiful, so I want to visit Rome one day!

Jihan: I want to visit wherever our Daileees are! I have never been to the US and I wish to go there for sure.

What is the significant change you felt as an idol after being in the industry for almost 4 years?

Lee Soojin:  My mindset towards the stage and attitude towards this profession seem to grow and become stronger. As time passes, every stage and moment becomes more precious to me. Therefore, I am trying to live every moment without regret and make the most of it!

Park Soeun: I feel like my inner self has become stronger. While maintaining my thoughts, I am making an effort to become someone who can accept feedback well when others provide it.

Zoa:  There were many things that were lacking and amateurish for me at first, but over the past four years, I feel that I developed my skills as an idol and gathered my know-how in social life through a lot of experience.

What is the best advice you have heard?

Monday: “Live without regret.” is my favorite advice. I am trying every day to live passionately without regrets, following this statement.

Lee Jaehee: When I lost my confidence in dancing, my dance teacher said, “There is a high possibility that you will grow more impressively than anyone else since you’re always passionate about dancing and trying to create your own style. So just keep doing what you’re doing now. Then naturally you will gain confidence. You are doing well enough!” Those words were very touching and encouraging.

Jihan:  The members’ advice gives me a lot of strength! They always praise me and say encouraging words whenever I’m going through tough times. Through these experiences, it feels like our bond is getting stronger as time goes by!

What are Weeekly’s wishes and plans for 2024 as a group and also individually?

Lee Soojin: As a group, we hope to get more people to know us and have more opportunities to meet our Daileees abroad in 2024. For me personally, I hope to read more books and master my English skills.

Monday: We hope to showcase Weeekly more prominently this year. I want to ensure that I create a year I can be proud of, without any regrets when looking back in the future.

Park Soeun: Personally, I want to challenge myself in writing lyrics this year. As a group, we hope there will be many opportunities not only to meet Korean Daileees but also to meet Daileees from overseas in person!

Lee Jaehee: We hope Weeekly will do even better in 2024, and it will become a year where we can create many wonderful memories with Daileees. Personally, I also want to thrive and develop myself more this year, staying healthy and happy.

Jihan: Our biggest wish is to meet Daileees more frequently this year! We’d like to show our unique color of us, Weeekly, to a wider audience, and also hope to achieve great results in music charts. We'll make sure to always work hard!

Zoa:  Firstly, our biggest goal is to widely promote the team Weeekly! We hope many people can gain strength through Weeekly’s songs. Also, since I have now turned 20 years old, I want to spend the beginning of my 20s in a fulfilling and meaningful way!

What is a message that you want to give to your fans Daileee?

Lee Soojin:  Daileees! Thank you for making such incredibly happy activities for us last year. Weeekly plans to run without a break in 2024, so please support us in running tirelessly together!

Monday: Recently, we finally launched the first official fan club Daileee, released our official light stick, and even had our long-awaited first fan meeting. Every time I achieve a dream I have wished for, I find myself wanting more. My aspirations and my dream, Daileee! Let’s continue to do many more things together for a long, long time! I love you a lot!

Park Soeun: Thanks to all the love you always send us, we can carry out our activities happily and healthily. Let’s always be together, Daileee! Thank you and we love you.

Lee Jaehee: Daileee~ Thank you for always standing by Weeekly’s side, supporting whatever we do, and loving us. I will try to be someone who gives more to others before myself, just like I receive a lot of love from Daileee.! Like the promise I keep making to Daileee, I will always stand by Daileee’s side, bringing happiness and love. Let’s be happy together. I love you.

Jihan: Daileees who always send us lots of love and support! We will make you even happier in 2024! We love you and Happy New Year!

Zoa: Daileees who are always shining~! Weeekly exists because of Daileee~ Whether Daileee is going through a tough time, feeling sad, happy, or joyful, Weeekly will always be by your side and support you!! Let’s be together for a lifetime!


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Special thanks to Weeekly and IST Entertainment for the interview. 

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