from20 and HELLO GLOOM to Embark on 1st EU Tour "Fast on the Highway"

Beginning April 2024, the artists from20 and HELLO GLOOM  will go on their first European tour "Fast on the Highway." The soloists will perform in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland.

from20, also known as Kim Raehwan, a former member and main vocal of Kpop boy group BIGSTAR, is a songwriter, producer, video director, editor, and everything in-between. As a soloist, he has offered his own take on the modern-retro combination releasing tracks heavily influenced by the 80s and synth pop.

HELLO GLOOM, also known as Na Ungjae, a former member of Kpop boy group IMFACT, is an idol turned independent singer-songwriter. Offering a refreshing dose of sincerity, passion, and self-acceptance, he has released music ranging from introspective pop to entrancing dance beats accompanied by genderless visual aesthetic.

Together from20 and HELLO GLOOM established WAY BETTER, previously known as THE FAKER CLUB, a company, which has allowed them to generate creative output in music, fashion, and video production on their own terms serving as an avenue to expand the boundaries of Kpop and present a New Vision for the cultural industry.

Locations and tickets 

April 9 - Warsaw, Poland @HYBRYDY 

April 11 - Cologne. Germany @Club Volta 

April 12 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands @P60

April 15 - Paris, France, New Morning 

April 17 - London, United Kingdom @O2 Islington 

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Ciera Reeves

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