Girl Group Geenius Makes Debut with "Voyage"

Ciera Reeves


On January 5, girl group Geenius has made their debut with the single album 'Voyage.'  

Geenius (Yeyoung, Sion, Mika, Zoe, Andamiro) made their debut under their company HOMe (house of music entertainment).

Genius had previously been preparing for his debut as a trainee at Blockberry Creative for 6 years, but when their exclusive contract recently expired, they made their official debut through HOMe.

A HOMe official said, 

“We are very happy that Geenius, whose debut was canceled several times, was able to debut after 6 years of development,” and added, “We are looking forward to finally being able to show fans the true colors of the members who have been supporting us with our hearts.” 

All of the members are all-rounders with various abilities ranging from writing lyrics and composing as well as creating and directing professional choreography. All members participated in writing lyrics for their debut single ‘Voyage’, showing off their musical capabilities.

'Voyage' Music Video 

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