Hui Releases Self-Produced Solo Debut EP Album "WHU IS ME : Complex"

HUI, known as an all-rounder who has shown outstanding talent in many fields, including composing, writing lyrics, producing, and vocals, takes his first steps as a solo artist with the mini album "WHU IS ME: Complex."

Hui, who has proven his outstanding musical talent with numerous hit songs such as 'Shine', 'Daisy', 'NEVER', and 'Energetic', is making a new debut by going solo 8 years after his Pentagon debut. This album "WHU IS ME: Complex" is even more special in that it contains Hui's own autobiographical story, which has never been shown before, by producing all the songs himself.

"WHU IS ME: Complex" contains the process of Hui acknowledging his own deficiencies and complexes and overcoming them. It shows Hui's determination to change the world in his own way through various genres of music.

In particular, the title song 'Hmm Bop', is a song about not caring what others think and just be 'immersed' in the situation in front of you. It contains a cheerful message about living while having fun.

Other songs on the mini album include 'MELO', which embroiders a page of youth, 'Cold Killer', about having nothing to be afraid of, and 'A Song From a Dream' featuring Wooseok, which is about embracing the self in all these moments.

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