[Mini Interview] BXB's Favorite Part Of Filming "Airplane" And Future Goals


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BXB is a group with 4 members: Hyunwoo, Siwoo, Jihun, and Hamin. They debuted on January 30, 2023. BXB is an acronym for "Boy By Brush," which represents their creative goal of using a variety of musical genres to capture the emotions of youth, including happiness, sadness, love, rage, and jealousy. 

On January 11th, BXB released Chapter 2. Wings, their second single album. Pre-release single The Black Cat Nero, a rendition of the well-known Italian children's song Volevo Un Catto Nero, opens the album. Next two songs include title track, Airplane and Found You.

The Black Cat Nero, gives you a taste of the group's more mature and developed musical direction. Title track Airplane is a catchy song with breathtaking vocals. Found You is such a cute and fun song. The lyric are sweet. The three songs are powerful together and will make you want to listen multiple times.

Earlier this week, I got the opportunity to represent KpopWise in BXB's press conference with other media representative peers. We were able to ask the group questions about their single album!

KW: Hello! what was your favorite part of filming the “Airplane” music video?

Hyunwoo: Yes. The best part was that the “Airplane” music video captures the preparation process before we go on a trip. But more than that, the four of us filmed the video together, and it’s just really exciting when you feel like you’re going on a trip.

That’s how I felt. I think that was the most enjoyable part. I was really happy at that airport, I felt like I had to go on a real trip. It was so much fun that I honestly felt a little unfortunate [that I didn’t actually travel].

KW: what goals does BXB want to accomplish together in the future?

Siwoo: We have fans from all over the world, and I want to find and meet fans from all over the world through a world tour.

Hyunwoo: And one more thing, if there is an opportunity to promote an album in North America, I would definitely like to do an album promotion in North America.

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Thank you NACE, BXB, and Wolfburn Entertainment for the opportunity!

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