TRENDZ Celebrate Two Years Since Debut with New Single '위로위로 (Go Up)'


After announcing the anticipated world tour dates this week, TRENDZ treated their fans (Friendz) to a brand-new single, which is also In celebration of their second year since debuting in January 2022, the seven-piece consisting of Havit, Hankook, Ra.L., Leon, Yoonwoo, Eunil, and Yechan have released '로위로 (Go Up),' a bright, pop number.

They began their career with the Blue Chapter, which saw three mini-debut albums titled Blue Set Chapter 1. Tracks, Blue Chapter 2. Choice, and Blue Set Chapter. Unknown Code. The final instalment in the series, titled Blue Set Chapter: New Dayz, rounded off the segment nicely, ending on a positive note. Marking a fresh start, the group released their third single album, On My Way, which featured a mix of genres alongside a new sophisticated look including tailored suits, alluding to their new mature look.

Reviews for previous releases had been positive, with them showing promise due to their versatility in each comeback. This is something that is showcased in the title track's music video. The choreography, which was put together by the main dancer and vocalist, Leon, shows, as usual, how well all seven members work as a team; everyone always has a chance to shine individually, and as expected, the blend of the vocals and rap works together well.

Another thing you can guarantee with TRENDZ, is they always get the sound right, and the ability to hook the listener in. Within the first 10 seconds of 위로위로 (Go Up), the beat quickly transcends into a dance number. While it may be winter, the strong vocals, from Havit in particular, instantly uplift the track into a fun summer song.

What's exciting about a new release is that each time it always sounds different, and it's a chance for them to try something creative and surprising. Having collaborated with producers such as LEEZ, known for his work with Ateez, DREAMCATCHER, and Yoonha, they’ve gone on to work with another well-known producer, Brave Brothers. Also known as Kang Dong-Chul, he previously produced and composed for YG Entertainment, which led him to get together with renowned artists such as Jay Park, Big Bang, and BTOB.

TRENDZ’s company, Global H Media, revealed this week that the group will perform in Europe and Morocco during the New Dayz tour in March. In a video announcing the news, Hankook exclaimed, “We're finally going to meet FriendZ in Europe!” The news was met with resounding excitement from the members and their supporters, as European fans will finally get the chance to see them perform their popular hits. Tickets go on sale on January 12th.

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