CRAVITY is Back with 7th Mini Album "EVERSHINE"


Filled with the bright energy of youth, CRAVITY return with their 7th mini album, "EVERSHINE". This mini album encapsulates the passionate love of youth, marking another chapter in CRAVITY's explosive growth. In the quiet of nightfall, the beauty of the afterglow is revealed, reminding us that even in darkness, there's a promise of a brighter sunrise. Following their successful first world tour, KCON LA performance, and official debut in Japan, CRAVITY showcases a more distinct color than ever before, pouring out raw emotions in their latest musical offering. Named by as a “K-Pop Boy Group To Watch,” 2024 is poised to be their best year yet. 

Focus track 'Love or Die,' epitomizes CRAVITY’s signature energetic vibe with its fast-paced drum and bass rhythm. As the song's mood intensifies, listeners can feel the strong determination of “I’d rather die than live without love,” showcasing the members' heightened confidence and dedication to their love. The accompanying music video intensifies the members' journey for love. It shows that despite all the setbacks we may experience throughout the different moments of youth, we become stronger through the process and become able to face future challenges. After experiencing love, persisting through trials and overcoming different emotions and pain, we can welcome a new sun. "EVERSHINE" is the vivid story of CRAVITY’s present and future. 

Each track on "EVERSHINE" offers a unique experience, from the pop-infused “C’est La Vie” to the psychedelic rock sounds of “Worst Thriller,” to the bright vocals of “Cherry Blossom.” Focus track “Love or Die,” which members Serim and Allen participated in writing, is complemented by a perfect blend of various genres like rock and EDM; capturing the explosive youth and the most passionate moments of life's brightest era. “Mr.”, a heavy EDM track fit for a festival or club, not only has Serim and Allen as co-writers on it, but also WJSN’s very own EXY. “Over & Over,” a track not only co-written by Allen, but also produced, closes out the album with its fresh guitar and heavy bass, expressing the heartfelt desire to go back to the past in order to hold onto a precious relationship. 

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